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he Christian Media Research Newsletters Index below contains articles from our  ChristianMediaDaily.com news site, and our Christian Media CURRENTS monthly  newsletter. They are keyed as CMD for the Daily originated material, and CMC for the monthly essays. A topical alphabetical subject index is found in the Snapshots section of this website.


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CMD01 - Daniel 11 Predicted North Vs South Conflict

CMD02 - Iraq War Fits Bible Prophecy

CMD03 - UN Security Council Pushes For 10 Kings

CMD04 - UN Security Council Ensures Fiery Furnace

CMD05 - Latino Gangs As Warlords In Post-Apocalyptic USA

CMD06 - Al Quaida Attack Using Nukes Is In Revelation

CMD07 - UN Corruption Unchecked Under Kofi Annan 

CMD08 - Armageddon Script Presages ET

CMD09 - The Nephilim Will Be In Direct Control Of The World 

CMD10 - Antichrist Attacked By Two Kings

CMD11 - Antichrist Will Arrive When UNSC Reform Is Complete

CMD12 - Generation Of Vipers

CMD13 - Christian Witchcraft

CMD14 - Sidewinder Seeking Salvation

CMD15 - American Hiroshima 

CMD16 - The Emergence Of Michael 

CMD17 - Multi Dimensional Prophecy - Part 1 

CMD18 - Multi Dimensional Prophecy - Part 2 

CMD19 - When We Get Hit 

CMD20 - State's Evidence 

CMD21 - The Seed Of Abraham 

CMD22 - Denying The Deadly Wound 

CMD23 - A King Of Fierce Countenance 

CMD24 - Something Shiny 

CMD25 - Kofi Gone 

CMD26 - Hadassah Of Shushan Is Prophetic 

CMD27 - Polygamy And Persia 

CMD28 - Persians 13: Obey The Higher Powers? 

CMD29 - Collision Course 

CMD30 - The Millennium Storm 

CMD31 - What Evidence? More On UN Corruption 

CMD32 - Chavez Of Venezuela: The King Of The South I 

CMD33 - Kofi Clues: The End Of The UN 

CMD34 - The Witch Of Endor 

CMD35 - A Short Space 

CMD36 - The Beast Is Bleeding 

CMD37 - The Third Way - Part 1

CMD38 - The Third Way - Part II 

CMD39 - Chavez Of Venezuela: The King Of The South II

CMD40 - Lively Stones 

CMD41 - What Manner Of Spirit Are You? 

CMD42 - The Holy Covenant 

CMD43 - Damage Control: Defending The Star Of Satan 

CMD44 - The Gravity Well 

CMD45 - He Cometh With Clouds 

CMD46 - They Shall Look Upon Me

CMD47 - Chavez Of Venezuela: The King Of The South III

CMD48 - The Skin Of The Serpent 

CMD49 - House Panel Wants Homeland Security Documents 

CMD50 - Nuclear Talks In Istanbul End In Impasse

CMD51 - Iran Warships Coming To Mediterranean & Red Seas

CMD52 - Dangerous Mutant Organisms In The Gulf

CMD53 - Egypt In Disarray 

CMD54 - Egyptian Troops Hunt Hamas Junmen In North Sinai 

CMD55 - Stuxnet Returns To Reactor, Warning Of Explosion 

CMD56 - UFO Lights Hover Over Jerusalem

CMD57 - Virginia Eyes Switching Off Dollar 

CMD58 - US Military Purging Gospel, Adding Homosexuals 

CMD59 - New Vaccine Moves Closer To Mandatory Inoculation 

CMD60 - Sinai Gas Pipeline Blast 

CMD61 - Boutros Ghali Family Active In Egyptian Transition 

CMD62 - Christian Families Slaughtered Amid Egyptian Chaos 

CMD63 - Hezbollah Faces Murder Charges At Hariri Tribunal 

CMD64 - Americans Betrayed Again By Republicans 

CMD65 - Middle East Mess Will Cost America Big Bucks 

CMD66 - Riots and Unrest Spread Throughout Arab Nations 

CMD67 - Earth's Core Faster Than Rest Of Planet 

CMD68 - Libyan Revolution Marks Shift In Gog-Magog Lineup 

CMD69 - MI Lawsuit Claims Officials Tolerated Islamic Murders

CMD70 - Toxic Rain Via BP Oil Disaster Documented 

CMD71 - American Bar Association Supports Shariah Law

CMD72 - Middle East Oil Wars Spread

CMD73 - Scientists Blending Viruses To Produce Killing Power

CMD74 - Media Tower Of Babel Misrepresents Turmoil

CMD75 - Blackwater Bounty Hunters Hired To Hunt Hezbollah?

CMD76 - NASA Scientist Claims Proof Of Alien Existence

CMD77 - Authorities Provide Laughable Explaination In CA

CMD78 - Insanity From Liberal Left, Hearings On Islam Begin

CMD79 - Japan Quake Confirms Rise In Geologic Activity

CMD80 - Syria Supplies Qaddafi With Arms

CMD81 - Japan Disaster Creates Prophetic Feeding Frenzy

CMD82 - Hundreds Shot In Bahrain

CMD83 - Northern Command At Height Of Hypocrisy

CMD84 - Decision To Remove Qadaffi May Fulfill Prophecy

CMD85 - War Beast Planned Libyan Attack Back in 2001

CMD86 - Nato Infighting Threatens Libyan Front

CMD87 - Turkey Discovers Weapons In Iranian Plane

CMD88 - Killer Earthquakes On Undiscovered Faultlines

CMD89 - Nato & US Focus On Oil, Not Syrian Slaughter

CMD90 - Radiation System Disabled As Radiation Increased

CMD91 - British Petroleum Loses Personal Data

CMD92 - Media Spin Continues As Contamination Spreads

CMD93 - Libyan Rebels Sold Chemical Shells

CMD94 - Wave Of TV Personalities With On-Air Aphasia

CMD95 - NC To Criminalize Alternative Health Practitioners

CMD96 - Tehran Incesed Over Saudi-Bahraini Counter Moves

CMD97 - Glen Beck Leading Mormons Into Two House Union

CMD98 - Crisis Highlights Recapitulation Of Roman Empire

CMD99 - FBI Releases Classified Proof Of ET

CMD100 - US To Fund $20m Remake Of Sesame Street

CMD101 - Syrian Upheaval Ignored By Mainstream Media

CMD102 - Iranian Reactor May Blow Up In May

CMD103 - Jewish Supremacists Ignore Prophetic News

CMD104 - Fresh Water Wells Exposed To Toxic Compounds

CMD105 - FBI Memo Connects UFO To JFK Assassination

CMD106 - Mexican Drug And Murder Gangs Armed By Obama

CMD107 - The Media Massages The Message

CMD108 - Project Rumored To Have Found GOD Particle

CMD109 - Monsanto Will Soon Be Allowed To Police Itself

CMD110 - America's Intention To Dump Dollar

CMD111 - Behold The Whirlwind Of The LORD

CMD112 - What A Coincidence!

CMD113 - GMO Pesticides Linked To Medical Problems

CMD114 - Iran Claims Israeli Warplanes Massing For Attack

CMD115 - Internet Eblasters Present Potpourri Of Opinions

CMD116 - Americans Fund Persecution Of Pakistani Christians

CMD117 - Obamasama Story Unravels At The Seams

CMD118 - Good Christian Bitches?

CMD119 - AIDS Vaccine Moves Near Mandatory Vaccinations

CMD120 - Rapture Cult: Another False Prediction

CMD121 - HAARP Has Been Turned Up Again

CMD122 - False Prophet Glen Beck Adores Israel On Air

CMD123 - The Souls That Were Slain

CMD124 - Obama Demonstrates Unrealistic Worldview

CMD125 - Oops, I Clicked On Tornado Instead Of Earthquake

CMD126 - Netanyahu Peace Talk Called Declaration Of War

CMD127 - America As The Restrainer Will Be Removed

CMD128 - Disinformation Campaign On Japanese Radiation

CMD129 - Lost Pyramids Will Open Door To The Devils

CMD130 - Surrogate War

CMD131 - Politically Correct Conservative Bows To Moloch

CMD132 - Religious Pendelum Swings Back To Hebrew Roots

CMD133 - GEO Television Network Launches Weeknight Net TV

CMD134 - A Tree Is Known By Its Fruit

CMD135 - Religion To Save American Constitution

CMD136 - FEMA Is Stockpiling Survival Food

CMD137 - Complaints Filled Over Obama's Birth Certificate

CMD138 - Raised Infant Mortality May Be Fukushima Related

CMD139 - Scattering Abroad

CMD140 - What The Government Didn't Do Today

CMD141 - America In Mourning

CMD142 - Deciding To Decide

CMD143 - Order AB Chaos

CMD144 - The End Of The Age In 2010?

CMD145 - Supersedure

CMD146 - Obama Dad Born In A Country That Did Not Exist?

CMD147 - The Voice Of The Seventh Angel

CMD148 - He Had Horns Like A Chrislam & Spake As A Dragon

CMD149 - Three Measures Of Leaven

CMD150 - The Libyans Shall Be At His Steps

CMD151 - Troll Patrol

CMD152 - Without Knowledge

CMD153 - Thelma And Louise

CMD154 - Debt Crisis Dialectic

CMD155 - The Light Of A Candle

CMD156 - Somali Pirates Encounter Russian Justice

CMD157 - The Global Game Plan

CMD158 - The Global Game Plan - Part II

CMD159 - Holding Hostages

CMD160 - The Global Game Plan - Part III

CMD161 - The Global Game Plan - Part IV

CMD162 - The Global Game Plan - Part V

CMD163 - The Global Game Plan - Part VI

CMD164 - The Global Game Plan - Part VII

CMD165 - The Global Game Plan - Part VIII

CMD166 - Super Congress Follows Lead Of The Little Horn

CMD167 - When Money Failed

CMD168 - When Money Failed - Part II

CMD169 - When Money Failed - Part III

CMD170 - The Height Of Hypocrisy

CMD171 - Japan Radiation Disinformation

CMD172 - Christian Political Activist Smites Policy Of Ron Paul

CMD173 - Food Distribution Program Is The Core Of Beast

CMD174 - Surrogates

CMD175 - Surrogates - Part II

CMD176 - Surrogates - Part III

CMD177 - Surrogates - Part IV

CMD178 - Surrogates - Part V

CMD179 - Money & Media Manipulation

CMD180 - Surrogates - Part VI


CMC01 - The Bible Predicted America's War On Terror 

CMC02 - God Bless Babylon?

CMC03 - The Conspiracy Of War

CMC04 - It Doesn't Mean That To Me 

CMC05 - Man's Law Or God's Law?

CMC06 - Behold The Mark Of The Beast 

CMC07 - Islam Rides (The 4th Horseman Of The Apocalypse)

CMC08 - The Denial In The Bible 

CMC09 - The Return Of Planet X

CMC10 - Spies & Prophets

CMC11 - True State Of The Union

CMC12 - Catastrophic Christianity

CMC13 - Father Of Our Country

CMC14 - Diabolical System Of Diaprax

CMC15 - Character Counts

CMC16 - Not Online

CMC17 - Should Christians Attack Other Christians By Name?

CMC18 - Patch - The Preterist Pirate

CMC19 - Cecil DuCille & Steve Quayle

CMC20 - The Book

CMC21 - Gog And Magog Are Gathering Momentum

CMC22 - Patriots Day

CMC23 - Ant & The Grasshopper

CMC24 - Not Online

CMC25 - Not Online

CMC26 - The Little Horn

CMC27 - The Arresting Behavior Of Brother Stair

CMC28 - We All Are Witnesses

CMC29 - Busybodies & Bulletin Boards

CMC30 - Lethal, Lukewarm, & Lost

CMC31 - Bible Code Predictions Bomb Again

CMC32 - The Culting Of Christianity

CMC33 - Christians Behaving Badly

CMC34 - Song Of The Spirit

CMC35 - The Big Bear & The Little Horn

CMC36 - Israel Inverted - All Israel Is Not Israel

CMC37 - A Company Of Nations

CMC38 - Scoffers

CMC39 - The Scoffers & The Thief

CMC40 - A Base For Mystery Babylon

CMC41 - The Woman Is That Great City

CMC42 - The Beast & The Babylonian Church

CMC43 - Strong Delusion

CMC44 - The Builders

CMC45 - The Extraterrestrials

CMC46 - Escape From Planet Egypt - Part 1

CMC47 - Escape From Planet Egypt - Part 2

CMC48 - Santa & The Tammuz Tree

CMC49 - The Corrupt Tree Called The NIV

CMC50 - Changing The Truth: Joseph Chambers

CMC51 - The Beast With 7 Heads

CMC52 - The False Prophet - Part 1

CMC53 - The False Prophet - Part 2

CMC54 - We Were All So Young

CMC55 - The Lion, The Bear, & The Leopard - Part 1

CMC56 - The Lion, The Bear, & The Leopard - Part 2

CMC57 - Genetic Death: The Seeds Of Famine Have Already...

CMC58 - The Victims Of Validation

CMC59 - A Fiery Trial At Club Terra

CMC60 - Role Reversals & Prophetic Parallels-1

CMC61 - Role Reversals & Prophetic Parallels-2

CMC62 - The Manifestation Of The Sons Of God

CMC63 - Strongholds & Stumbling Blocks

CMC64 - Who Confirmed The Covenant?

CMC65 - The God Of Forces

CMC66 - The King Of The North

CMC67 - Seven Spirits

CMC68 - The Media Demon

CMC69 - Babylon In The Beginning

CMC70 - The Famine & The Flood

CMC71 - The Signs Of The Times

CMC72 - The Bitter Root Of Revenge

CMC73 - The Pyramids Are Proof Of The Rapture?

CMC74 - Jerusalem To Be The World's Capital

CMC75 - The Pit & The Pendulum

CMC76 - His Reward Is With Him

CMC77 - All Israel Shall Be Saved? 

CMC78 - America Turns Right 

CMC79  -  Not Online

CMC80 - The Sixth Seal

CMC81 - The Government Who Would Be God

CMC82 - A Dollar's Worth Of The Devil

CMC83 - Countdown To Chaos

CMC84 - Dave Hunt: Diagnosing A Deceiver

CMC85 - The Edge Of the Precipice

CMC86 - The God Of Forces II

CMC87 - Multitudes In The Valley Of Decision

CMC88 - The Little Horn Revisited

CMC89 - The Path To Perdition

CMC90 - The Beast That Was-The 6-7-8 Cycle

CMC91 - The Winds Of War

CMC92 - The Image, The Beast, & The Dragon

CMC93 - The Mingling

CMC94 - Serpents & Scorpions

CMC95 - Christians Must Defend Israel

CMC96 - Spiritual Shielding 

CMC97 - American Magog 

CMC98 - Back On The Chain Gang 

CMC99 - The Martyrs Of Jesus 

CMC100 - Prophetic Echoes 

CMC101 - Stand In The Holy Place 

CMC102 - Eclipsing The Sun God 

CMC103 - Angels In Orbit 

CMC104 - The Pope Invented Futurist Prophecy? 

CMC105 - The Download Of Life 

CMC106 - Climbing Up From The Crypt 

CMC107 - The Avatar Of Truth 

CMC108 - The Day Of Visitation

CMC109 - The Idol Shepherd

CMC110 - The Sealing Of The Saints

CMC111 - The Spirit Who Speaks Of His Own

CMC112 - Things Which They Know Not

CMC113 - The Israel Of God

CMC114 - Their Heart Is Divided

CMC115 - Turning The World Upside Down

CMC116 - The Figure Of The Fig Tree


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