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US Refusal To Cut Spending Signals The World America's Intention To Dump Dollar

The Recent Wrangling Over Debt Limit Raise, Coupled With Standard And Poor's Reduction In Credit Worthiness Of USA, Tells World We Are Prepared To Destroy The Dollar; Commodities Soaring

he only people who believed the President of the United States when he proposed a gradual reduction of the increase of American debt are the have-nots, who hope to benefit from the coming revolution in America. The decline of America has been blamed on our corrupt leaders long enough. Sadly, the outrageous antics of an American President who, after spending millions in legal fees to dodge subpoenas demanding his birth certificate, then abruptly produces what is obviously a forgery, is not the real story.

The real story, now growing in intensity on a day to day basis, is the collectively mesmerized, American  public's refusal to recognize the intentional destruction of their own nation's economic vitality, at the filthy hands of Wall Street, and the international banksters, without even a whimper. In short, the plan to intentionally trash what's left of the last ounce of prosperity in the America way of life is wildly succeeding.

Although many leftists foolishly think they have succeeded in transforming America into the Marxist utopia which they've myopically hoped for, the truth is, all that will ultimately be accomplished is America is going to be thrown into a complete (and painful) anarchy. The smart money is already moving every vestige of an asset out of the reach of the mainstream channels, and even the poor with good sense are clamoring for commodities of any kind, with which they hope to minimize the coming pain.

The Script is not all that difficult to read. With gas and gold soaring beyond the reach of ordinary citizens, food and water will rule the indefatigable concept of commerce. More regulation simply forces all endeavors to go underground, and the black market will continue to thrive. Government will respond with seizures to try to keep their Ponzi scheme going just a little while longer, and then out come the guns.

The indicators are everywhere, and only the naive believe a single word emanating out of the American liars in government. The end is near for America, but what comes after the ashes, when the Beast's deadly wound is healed, will be even worse.

May God Help Us All.

For more on the prophetic cycle known as the deadly wound, listen to the brief audio on THE DEADLY WOUND.

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