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The Souls That Were Slain

Slaughter Of Christians In Middle East And Africa Described As "Wholesale"

n just the last few days, significant numbers of believers in Jesus Christ have been murdered simply because they profess Jesus Christ -- and few are connecting the cycle with Revelation's passage which says they were slain

"...for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held."  (Revelation 6:9)

In other words, they were killed simply because of their profession of faith in Christ. Considering the fact that, sequentially speaking, the martyrs in Revelation are followed shortly thereafter by "a great earthquake," and underground believers have been closely watching the black budget HAARP array ramped up to full power with beams now focused on the New Madrid faultline, we may be on the very edge of catastrophic events on an unimaginable scale.

Because of the manipulation of world news by a mainstream media in Spiritual cahoots with the Antichrist, many are unaware of just how sharply the Martyrs numbers have jumped. Taking advantage of the recent political turmoil, the Islamics have been waging a violent war in Egypt against Christians, who are associated with a group called Copts -- and in recent days dozens of attacks have occurred.

In Egypt, 12 people were slaughtered in just the last couple of days. Taking advantage of the political turmoil, the Islamics have been waging a violent war in the Arab state -- and Egypt is surely an important place/name in Bible prophecy. Few realize that, in recent times, there are more dead Christians than have been killed in Syria or Libya in the political violence. 232 believers were wounded recently. Churches have been burned, vandalized, and marked with graffiti. 21 Christians were murdered in Egypt in a church bombing in Alexandria, and believers are under siege on a daily basis, and that's only in Egypt.

In Nigeria, the Moslems murdered a pastor's entire family about a week ago --- with his wife, as well as his little children brutally killed by a mob led by Islamic clerics.  In that case, a total of 17 people were murdered. Just days ago, we covered the story of the Christian woman in Pakistan who has been sentenced to death for converting to Christianity. As the essay was being written, 3 more Christian families were assaulted by a Moslem mob (as usual, led by clerics), and another believer was arrested on blasphemy charges. With 19 American states now engaged in court actions involving Islamic Shariah law, it's self evident what the Moslems have in mind for believers here in the states. 

In Iraq, just 3 days ago, the body of another Christian was found tortured and mutilated, and Islamics pointedly claimed responsibility. According the the Voice of the Martyrs, a ministry that tracks the suppression of Christianity, the persecution of Christians has sharply escalated recently in Uzbekistan, Iran, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and other locales.  GEO and Christian Media have seen statistics that show more believers are under attack in recent times than at any other period in history -- with the possible exception of the Crusades when open warfare occurred along religious lines.

What is particularly interesting about this wave of martyrdom is not only related to the potential opening of Revelation's "sixth seal" in the near term -- it is a further validation of the identities we've long offered concerning the four horsemen/four seals which precede the 5th seal where we see the Martyrs. Those familiar with our work know we've synchronized the White Horse, Red Horse, Black Horse, Pale Horse with another shorter term cycle wherein we place George H W Bush (the colonial style world leader who announced the New World Order in 1991) as another layer of the White Horse, followed by the leftist Bill Clinton (Red Horse), rightist George W Bush (Black Horse), and the amalgamated leader Barack Obama (Pale Horse).

This pattern is overlaid upon the large scale kingdoms of Britain (White Horse/Lion Kingdom of Daniel 7), Russia (Red Horse/Bear Kingdom), German Reich (Black Horse/Leopard Kingdom), and the National Security State the USA morphed into with the inauguration of the National Security Act in the watershed year of 1947 (Pale Horse/Diverse 4th Beast of Daniel 7). As a result of the relatively rapid fire recapitulation of the last four US Presidents, with America as the final kingdom of this world age, we have publicly predicted the death of the Martyrs for some time -- and it is now at hand.

There is much more of course, but the short version is, it is much later than most think. We would recommend that, as JESUS instructed, Pray that ye be counted worthy to escape what is about to occur.

For more on the predicted kingdoms of this age, see the video on THE LION, THE BEAR, & THE LEOPARD.

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