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The King Of The North

    The mysterious title the King Of The North is found in Daniel 11 - itself one of the most enigmatic prophetic texts in the entire Bible. Although certain portions of Daniel 11 have finally yielded their secrets to me, significant aspects of the modern timeline that it most certainly describes have continued to evade my understanding. That is all changing, as in recent days I believe the LORD has granted much more understanding of the enigmatic character known as the King of the North. 

    Because we continue to follow the prophetic parallels model combined with the layered approach to prophecy, we already know that multiple prophetic timelines consistently intersect. This view demonstrates that prophecy is truly multi-dimensional. For instance, in the ancient timeline, the prophecies describing the King of the North's campaigns against the King of the South were fulfilled in the Seleucid-Ptolemaic wars between the Hellenized Syrian dynasty of the Seleucids and the Hellenized Egytian dynasty of the Ptolemies. These wars were in the 2nd century BC. 

    However, using the prophetic parallel system, we also know that everything runs twice. Thus we recognize the fact that there is a modern counterpart to these two that was manifested in the Cold War era in which a series of conflicts occurred between Northern and Southern client states of the Soviet Union and the United States. This period occurred in the transition between the 3rd and 4th kingdoms of Daniel 7 - the Leopard with 4 heads, which was Nazi Germany - and the diverse 4th beast, which is America. [For a detailed look at the parallel kingdoms of Daniel 2 and Daniel 4, see The Lion, The Bear, & The Leopard by the present author.] 

    About 6 years ago, I recognized Bill Clinton, Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali, and Kofi Annan (the latter two from the UN) in the passage concerning the 'Great Reproach' in Daniel 11:26 (See Waiting For Leviathan for a lengthy exposition of the encounter that resulted in the public reproach and subsequent ouster of Dr. Ghali from the UN at the hands of Clinton). In that episode, Ghali was replaced by the 'raiser of taxes' who has been identified as his successor Kofi Annan - the former Budget Director of the UN. When Annan is destroyed in the near term in accordance with my prediction, he will be replaced by his predecessor Dr. Ghali - the "vile person" of verse verse 21. Since that time, I've found myself in something of a 'holding pattern' waiting for Ghali to be re-instated in mid 2003. Although nothing has changed in that basic expectation, I now see that Daniel 11 has a significant layer that was unrecognizable until quite recently. 

The Stutter-Step Pattern Of Prophecy

    I'll remind the reader that the layers allow for completely separate identifications - even though they must eventually intersect. In the process of recognizing another layer with a different set of players, I've also discovered yet another principle of prophetic interpretation. I call it the 'stutter-step.' This is very similar to the pattern found in Revelation where the 3 sets of judgments (the seals, trumpets, and vials) all end at the same time - thus clearly showing an overlap

    This 'stutter-step' concept shows how the text describes, in Revelation's case, the Seals, which sequentially unfold until the age comes to an end and JESUS CHRIST returns. Then the chronology steps back, and picks up the chronology at a point when the seals are already well underway, and begins with the first Trumpet. Thus the first Trumpet overlaps with the 6th Seal. The Trumpets then unfold sequentially to the very end. The same thing occurs with the Vials as they begin (approximately) at the 5th Trumpet and then overlap to the very end as well. The idea here may be expressed as a chronological '2 steps forward, 1 step back' systemic approach. 

    Thus, while I was waiting for the next sequence of events to occur in the near term in association with the UN and Kofi Annan, I missed an entire layer that stepped back to a point before the �Great Reproach,' and unfolded without a full recognition of what was occurring before my very eyes. 

    To digress for just a moment, it's instructive to see that in the modern era the "King of the North" is associated with the Northern industrialized states manifested in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Northern Alliance (the American coalition invading Afghanistan) and the various Northern nations that are dominated by the Grand Lodge of the British Empire. 

    Concomitantly, the "King of the South" is associated with the 3rd world, the 50 plus states with significant Islamic populations, the former Soviet controlled Trans-Caucasian region, the Arab world, and others that are all under the secretive sway of the Grand Orient Lodge of France

    When we step all the way back to verse 18, we find a reference to the King of the North that will "turn his face unto the isles, and shall take many." (Daniel 11:18) In this verse, we have another layer of prophetic fulfillment that may be seen in the Presidency of Ronald Reagan

    When Daniel tells us the King of the North turns to the isles, I recognize the several military campaigns of Reagan's America that were initiated against coastal areas. As a point of reference, the fact that the Biblical term "isles" is equated with coastlands is widely seen. For instance, Peloubet's Bible Dictionary states under the term isle that,

"it means secondarily any maritime district, whether belonging to a continent or to an island: thus it is used of the shore of the Mediterranean, Isaiah 20:6; 23:2, 6, and of the coasts of Elisha, Ezekirl 27:7, i.e. of Greece and Asia Minor." (Peloubet's Bible Dictionary, 1947, page 279) 

    As the Commander in Chief of the founding (and most dominant member) of NATO, Ronald Reagan would certainly fit the bill for a modern manifestation of the King of the North. More significantly is the fact that during his tenure he launched three different military episodes against coastal strongholds. 

    For example, in 1982 and 1984, the United States twice deployed troops to Lebanon and to the coastal city of Beirut - the hot spot in that beleaguered nation. In the first instance, Israeli troops were in combat with PLO units and the US Marines were used to withdraw the PLO under a cease fire. Later, US troops were again deployed in Beirut as to serve as "peacekeepers" in that war torn city on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. This was the military excursion that resulted in the terrorist truck bomb that killed 241 marines in their barracks.

    Only days later following the Beirut violence, on October 25, 1983, the United States under the direct orders of Ronald Reagan invaded the island of Grenada with 1,200 troops. They encountered serious military resistance from Grenadian army units as well as Cuban soldiers. Eventually, 7,000 troops were committed and following heavy fighting, the US troops seized control of the island. 

    Three years later, the US attacked Libya in retaliation for a Libyan sponsored terrorist attack on US soldiers in Germany. The April 1986 bombing was associated with Libyan activity in the coastal region known as the Gulf of Sidra. American warplanes bombed the coastal city of Tripoli inflicting significant damage - including the death of the grandchild of Libyan leader Moammar Khaddafy.

    On a secondary level, during the Reagan Presidency, a significant war erupted in the Falkland Islands. On April 30, 1982, American ally Great Britain elicited US support for Britain and sanctions against Argentina. As the war unfolded, British units took Pebble Island, then the South Sandwich Islands. After many casualties and a significant loss of life and materiel, England regained the island. 

    As the Reagan era was coming to a close, the Panama invasion loomed. After many political attacks including economic sanctions and threats of war by Reagan, the coastal city of Managua was eventually seized by Reagan successor George Bush. The famed Panama canal that cuts through the narrowest point of the country is an indication of the enormity of the coasts of the small Central American nation. 

The Raiser Of Taxes

    Scripture says that after the King that takes the isles comes to his end, "Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes...." (Daniel 11:20) George Bush Sr was notorious for his "read my lips" statement in which he solemnly promised he would not raise taxes. Of course, like all the other politicians, Bush betrayed his constituency and indeed raised taxes. The text tells us this man only continues for a period stated to be a "few days." The single term Presidency of George Bush stands in sharp contrast to the double terms of his predecessor (Reagan) and his successor (Bill Clinton). 

    It is self evident that the public remembered Mr. Bush's promise not to raise taxes and thus his tenure was discontinued "neither in anger, nor in battle" as a result of his losing his bid for a second term to Bill Clinton. The text says the successor to the "raiser of taxes" is "a vile person." I'm not sure if there is a more succinct description of Bill Clinton in print anywhere - for the scripture describes the next man in power with these rather concise words. 

    The many embarrassing episodes in which Bill Clinton the buffoon strode across the world stage and made the United States a laughing stock are legendary. His personal peccadilloes aside, his liberal left agenda was heavily leavened with political double crosses, unrestrained theft, lies of every stripe, and even the murder of the Christians at Waco Texas. In the case of Bill Clinton, vile is an extremely appropriate term. 

    The next few verses seem to overlay its description with elements of the previous layer that has the "vile person" succeeding the UN based "raiser of taxes" - in that timeline, Kofi Annan, the present Secretary-General of the UN gives way to the 8th Secretary-General - the vile person in that timeline. 

    Two verses later (in verse 24), the narrative 'stutter-steps' us back to the Presidential strata that manifests the American version of the King of the North. The text seems to refer to another King, and so the stutter-step principle comes back into view. Whereas the previous 3 verses would appear to be future in the UN based timeline, verse 24 steps back to the point prior to the vile person in the UN (Ghali) as opposed to the vile person in the US (Clinton). It is said that this King of the North 

"...shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his father's fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches: yea, and he shall forecast his devices against the strong holds, even for a time." (Daniel 11:24) 

    Suddenly, the successor to the Bill Clinton manifestation of the "vile person" is seen in George W Bush - the present King of the North. Bush II most certainly has accomplished that which his father failed to do in that the second invasion of Iraq took control of the nation - to say nothing of the seizure of the lucrative Iraqi oil fields. Coming from an oil industry dynasty, there is even a reference to George W Bush's family lineage when the scriptures tell us his achievements will supercede the careers of his "father's fathers." 

    Few are aware that Bush grandfather Prescott Bush was solidly in favor of the militarism of Hitler's Third Reich and his ill-fated grab at Middle Eastern oil reserves via the desert campaigns of Erwin Rommel. On October 20, 1942, citing extensive violations of the trading with the enemy act, the American government seized control of the Union Banking Corporation in New York. Prescott Bush was a director of the corporation. 

    In the next month, multiple industrial corporations managed by Prescott Bush and a member of the notorious Harriman family were also seized. The Holland-American Corporation, the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation, and the Silesian-American Corporation were all indicted by the US government for selling equipment to Hitler. Prescott Bush was instrumental in running all three. 

    While George Bush Sr's business associations with the Saudi based Bin Ladin family are already widely known, many are still unaware that George W also has had direct ties to the oil rich Bin Ladin family. For instance, Osama Bin Ladin's older brother Salem Bin Ladin was an investor in a George W Bush firm called Arbusto Energy (the term Arbusto is Spanish for Bush). In fact, long before Osama Bin Ladin became a household name, Bush oil associate Salem Bin Ladin died in a plane crash in Texas some years ago. 

    Although the entire Bush clan has amassed enormous petroleum holdings through their interactions with Middle Eastern potentates, it remained for George W Bush to achieve "that which his fathers have not done" and gain direct control of the 2nd largest oil exporting nation in the world - the nation of Iraq.

Forecasting His Devices

    The Bible says that this King of the North speaks of "spoil, and riches" in addition to a further plan to move against "the strong holds." (Daniel 11:24) The precise terminology that says "he shall forecast his devices" speaks of the think tank produced formal plan for the invasion of Iraq which was known as "Shock and Awe." As Daniel details this military campaign, he tells us this King of the North,

"shall stir up his power and his courage against the king of the south with a great army; and the king of the south shall be stirred up to battle with a very great and might army; but he shall not stand: for they shall forecast devices against him." (Daniel 11:25)

    This tells us there will be "devices" or what we would call in the modern parlance a series of plots that are laid out against the King of the South. At this point, it should be self evident that Saddam Hussein is the King of the South spoken of in the 11th chapter of Daniel. The very next verse provides us with a very specific prophetic statement that has been recently fulfilled in such a stunningly accurate fashion that it significantly validates this entire identification. The text says,

"Yea, they that feed of the portion of his meat [the King of the South] shall destroy him, and his army shall overflow: and many shall fall down slain. And both these kings' hearts shall be to do mischief, and they shall speak lies oat one table; but it shall not proper: for yet the end shall be at the time appointed." (Daniel 11:26) 

    Now we learn that the King of the South is betrayed by his own inner leadership circle. Incredibly, it is now documented that Saddam was betrayed by key units of his Fedayeen defenders as well as the much vaunted Republican Guard. There is now evidence that four separate deals were made. According to the knowledgeable DebkaFiles

"...the keys to east Baghdad were handed over by the high commander of Iraq's elite Special Republic guards, General Maher Safian Al-Tikriti, another of Saddam Hussein's cousins...General Takriti agreed to let US forces roll into central Baghdad unopposed across bridges that were not blown up in return for an American guarantee of safe exit from the city for his troops and a promise they would not be pursued." (

    Similar deals were made in Kirkuk, Mosul, Al Amarnah, and Baghdad. Debka Files reported that the American

"...expeditionary force was able to reach the heart of Baghdad on Wednesday, April 9, without encountering substantial Iraqi resistance. In one case, the Republican Guards supposed to defend the Diyala River bridges and keep American forces out of east Baghdad suddenly stopped shooting and deserted their posts. In general, large sections of the elite SRG divisions charged with defending Baghdad melted away without inflicting or suffering casualties." (

    Even a scientific advisor to Saddam, General Al-Saadi, came to an understanding with the Americans and brought with him some of Iraq's secret military research. In another news examination concerning the betrayal by Iraq's military defenders, the Asia Times news organization reported,

"As the Americans bribed the resistance, the order not to resist started streaming from the top commanders down. Republican Guard commanders told the rank-and-file that the resistance would be secret and long-term, according to Saddam and Qusay's long-elaborated scenario of a guerrilla war. The "fall" of Saddam International Airport was the first part of the deal. Another open secret in Baghdad were the famous tunnels linking the main Republican palace of Saddam to the airport. Republican Guard commanders tipped off the Marines, and the tunnels were immediately seized."

"a reward package for the "peaceful" handover of Baghdad was offered to Republican Guard commanders and, later on, the Fedayeen of Saddam. Republican Guard commanders received a lot of cash, a "secure" relocation outside of Iraq, and crucially for those not considered war criminals, the promise of a new job in post-Saddam Iraq. After all, the new American government will need cadres to run the remains of the devastated state apparatus. Top commanders were offered the option of residency in the US, for themselves and their families, and most of all the chance to play a relatively prominent role linked to some factions of the Iraqi opposition basically the Iraqi National Congress (INC) led by the Pentagon's pet Iraqi, Ahmad Chalabi." (Asia Times Online Ltd,

    In short, the King of the South was betrayed by "they that feed of the portion of his meat...." (Daniel 11:27)

    Earlier, we saw that there was to be a meeting between the two Kings as the prophecy tells us "both these kings' hearts shall be to do mischief, and they shall speak lies at one table; but it shall not prosper: for yet the end shall be at the time appointed." (Daniel 11:27)

    Although there was no publicly revealed meeting between Saddam Hussein and George W Bush, there were many mediation efforts and contacts that could have resulted in a secret meeting. Indeed, this type of diplomatic confrontation would never be revealed to the public at large in our present media restrictive environment. 

    Major media did reveal that mediation attempts were made by an envoy of the Pope as well as Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Arabic media also revealed that Hussein had proposed to meet with Bush in a public debate on the conflict. Readers may recall the very short notice European trip that President Bush took to visit the head of state of the nation of Spain. This occurred just as the White House was pushing the UN Security Council for a resolution authorizing war against Iraq. 

    If a secret meeting between Bush and Hussein was staged, a hastily arranged visit to Europe would not only provide an effective cover story, it would place the President in a region that could be reached by Hussein in relatively short order. At this point, there is no way to document such a contact; however, the idea of the two leaders both lying to each other in a diplomatic setting fits the characters rather nicely. 

    There is a further aspect to this part of the prophetic timetable. The Bible states that the arrangement that is attempted "shall not prosper: for yet the end shall be at the time appointed." Because we now know that high-level betrayals of Iraq's military position were negotiated, what if the surrender was actually made through Saddam himself? 

    For example, the "deal" that was known to be offered by the offices of the Pope called for Saddam and his family to go into a comfortable exile where he would receive assurances he would not be prosecuted by the international community. The very concept of a secret surrender that was hidden in order for the Iraqi leadership to save face in the Islamic world was beneficial to both parties. The Americans would gain their military objective without excessive loss of life, and the Iraqis could avoid devastation to their infrastructure through a prolonged bombing campaign. 

    Because the prophecy tells us that the deal made "shall not prosper" because both kings are lying to gain an advantage, it would follow that such an arrangement was made. 

The Next War

    After mentioning "these kings" the next verse tells us "Then shall he return into his land with great riches" - but it is not clear which king is in view. It could apply to either as Bush now has control of the Iraqi oil fields which would be considered "great riches." On the other hand, if Saddam is in view, it could certainly be said that the exile deal would have given him "great riches." We see that whichever king it is, "his heart shall be against the holy covenant; and he shall do exploits, and return to his own land." Because it seems out of character for George W Bush to set "his heart...against the holy covenant," this verse probably refers to the King of the South - in this case, Saddam Hussein. 

    Thus, when the prophecy informs us "he shall do exploits, and return to his own land" we are looking at a prediction that Saddam Hussein will yet launch a counter-offensive against the American installed occupying power in Iraq. The fact that the verse says that when he returns he has with him "great riches" is not implausible. 

    After so many years in power, Saddam likely has massive wealth secreted away. Furthermore, as part of any agreement made with the White House, he would have augmented those holdings as part of the deal for his secret exile. And finally, with the enormous wealth that is known to exist in the many Middle Eastern oil exporting sheikhdoms, Saddam could conceivably draw vast amounts of funds to finance another Islamic Jihad against the hated American infidel the Arab world most certainly perceives George W Bush to be. 

    There is further evidence pointing to a resurgence of Saddam Hussein. Verse 29 says "At the time appointed he shall return, and come toward the south..." If we were to believe that the King in view here is George Bush as the King of the North, why would he again "return, and come toward the south" after he already has the dominion in Iraq? This would require that the "return" in verse 28 "into his own land" would be a different excursion than the one where he returns to "come toward the south." Thus, the prophecy seems to be predicting another round of military activity centered around Saddam Hussein, and his attempted "return" to his native land. 

    Furthermore, the end of verse 27 says "the end shall be at the time appointed" while the return to the South by the King in view will occur "At the time appointed." (verse 29) The passage seems to hint at an interval of time before the next wave of military activity begins. Ominously, there is also an "end" of some sort that will likely coincide with this "return." 

    When this next round of war erupts, the Bible tells us the outcome "shall not be as the former, or as the latter." (Daniel 11:29) This is simply amazing, because it plainly recognizes the two Gulf wars between the United States and Iraq as "the former" and "the latter" - the former war being the original conflict over Kuwait in 1991, and the latter being Gulf War II launched by George W Bush this year! 

    We then see that Saddam Hussein will be opposed by "ships of Chittim." (Daniel 11:30) The variant spelling of Kittim helps us to identify this place as Kition, on the island of Cypress. Once again, the pieces are all falling into place. Although some scholars have identified Kittim in broader terms under a later maritime phase of the Roman Empire, Kittim was definitely known to be Cyprus. 

    An island with a historic population of sea-faring Greeks, the Northern third of the island has been held by Turkish forces since the 1970's. The primary governing body is closely associated with Britain, and there are two significant British naval bases on the Southern two thirds of Cyprus. Because Great Britain has been the primary military ally of the American forces in the recent Iraqi war, it's hardly difficult to envision a British naval fleet being dispatched to confront a resurgent Saddam Hussein

    Furthermore, when we review the strategic location of Cyprus, we see it is within striking distance of Damascus, the capital of Syria. Given the present belligerent statements coming out of the White House towards Syria, to say nothing of the repeated news accounts that Saddam is hiding in Syria, we can see how this confrontation could easily occur. 

    Isaiah 17 is a long feared prophecy which states that in the last days, "Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap." (Isaiah 17:1) Because we already recognize Syria as the third of three kingdoms that are to be "plucked up" during this series of wartime conflicts (Daniel 7:8), the fact that a looming military activity involving this ancient city is very significant. 

    One final point should be addressed. Because I see the "deadly wound" (Revelation 13:3) that is to strike the American Empire is imminent, I find further support for the fact that the prophecy describes British naval units that will seek to intercept Saddam as his plans to retake Iraq emerge. The fact that the opposition to the King of the South does not come from American military might hints that it is feasible that the United States is unable to oppose Saddam at that point in time. 

    Because the scriptures tell us that the King of the South shall "have indignation against the holy covenant" we would find even further confirmation that this role is to be fulfilled by Saddam Hussein. While it is theoretically feasible that another Islamic figure steps forth to become the King of the South (or another "Christian" figure succeeds Bush's manifestation of the King of the North), it is widely known that Saddam has had a burning ambition to directly attack Israel for many, many years. 

    Because we project the devastating attack on America that Revelation characterizes as "the deadly wound" to occur at any time, it is very likely that the role of the King of the North will be shifted to another leader - and that leader will probably come from Europe. Prince Charles is a likely candidate for this role

    Saddam Hussein, as the King of the South, sees himself as a latter day Nebuchadnezzar. In this mindset, his hatred towards the modern state of Israel is easily documented. Incidentally, because Daniel writes from an Old Testament perspective, the only "holy covenant" he knows is the law and the prophets that were handed down by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Thus, because the text tells us this person will have an antagonism towards the "holy covenant," there is a solid indication that we haven't heard the last of Saddam Hussein

    Last but hardly least is the fact that at some point in this chronology, the text seamlessly introduces the Antichrist into the equation. Neither the King of the North (presently George Bush) nor the King of the South (presently Saddam Hussein) is the Antichrist. Indeed, once we arrive at Daniel 11:40, we see that "at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over." (Daniel 11:40)

    When verse 40 tells us that in this endgame the King of the South "shall push at him," we don't really know that it's the King of the North that he is attacking. The verse doesn't clearly identify the "him" that is being attacked. Likewise, when the next phrase tells us the King of the North "shall come against him," it doesn't specifically say that this action is a retaliation against the King of the South

    This opens up the possibility that the Antichrist is a third party in this conflict. Because verse 40 has somewhat ambiguous language regarding who is in view in each phrase, it is feasible that the Antichrist will be opposed by both factions when "he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain." (Daniel 11:45)

    What is particularly fascinating is the fact that these events are only a few steps away from the present wave of activity. With this identification, I have tied current world figures to the prophecies in Daniel 11, so we are extremely close to entering into the 42-month reign of the Antichrist

    The beginning of the tribulational sequence of events is right at the door, for our timeline tells us the judgment of America is imminent. That judgment is the trigger to the tribulation timeline, and the writing is indeed on the wall.

May 5, 2003 - James Lloyd

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