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Jump In Infant Mortality In Northwest May Be
Fukushima Related

Spike In Death Rate Of Children Under 1 Year In Eight Significant Cities

lthough the infant mortality rate in the USA has been steadily increasing (we're now ranked 28th in the world in baby deaths), just released statistics ominously suggest the Pacific rim has experienced something of major significance in terms of the region's infant mortality rate. In spite of the fact that major media has sought to downplay the danger, the conclusion that Fukushima related radiation is the culprit is difficult to resist.

The Center For Disease Control (CDC) produces a Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), and the just published edition show a baby death rate increase of 35% in eight cities Northwestern cities, suspected of receiving increased radiation, floating over from Japan's critically damaged nuclear plants. the cities affected are as follows:

  • Boise ID
  • Seattle WA
  • Portland OR
  • Santa Cruz CA
  • Sacramento CA
  • San Francisco CA
  • San Jose CA
  • Berkeley CA

Any adjacent cities (such as GEO/Christian Media's home base in Southern Oregon along the Western I-5 corridor) are almost certainly also affected, but the report focused on larger population centers. The MMWR statement showed 37 dead babies in the 4 weeks ending March 19th, plus 125 deaths in the 10 week period ending May 28th of this year. The period covers the month before and the 2 1/2 months after the Fukushima disaster, and the numbers are very significant.

To put it into perspective, while infant death spiked 35% in the affected areas, the rest of the USA saw a 2.3% increase. In short, something in the Northwest is killing infants at a sharply higher rate in that same period. Dr Janette Sherman, a physician examining the data notes the statistic correlate with patterns seen in the wake of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Similar findings are also seen in wildlife death in affected areas.

The information vindicates vocal concerns which we have repeatedly published. Indeed, even as Christian Media (and our Survivalist/Naturopathic Health outreach Sound Body) has vocally responded to the media whitewash, other alternative media, such as the supposed "Patriot" media the New American (see Disinformation Campaign On Japanese Radiation Release in the May 27th GEOgram, available to online members receiving the GEOgram), have claimed there is no danger. GEO has also published data showing key radiation measuring stations on the West Coast were intentionally disabled at crucial periods, in order to skew the data, and minimize the threat.

Thus, we repeat our caution. You cannot trust the government. You cannot truth the mainstream media. And you cannot trust Patriot media, nor even the so-called underground media. You can't even trust us. But you can trust the LORD, and if you receive the love of the truth (II Thessalonians 2:11), the Spirit in you will guide you through the perilous times we are now seeing.

For more on a natural defense to protect you and your loved ones from the now ongoing threat of radiation, see the online video on what we consider to be an excellent source for replenishing the body's Iodine. See THYADINE.

Also, for more information on the background of the radiation threat, and a discussion of the alternatives, see the RADIATION TV SPECIAL from Sound Body.

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