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Budget Crisis Highlights American Recapitulation Of Roman Empire

Lunacy Reigns As Liberals Vow To Fund Planned Parenthood While Threatening Military Pay Suspension

merica's present "deadly wound" cycle continues unabated as the nation continues its unprecedented historic decline. The budget showdown is the fiscal equivalent of rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, as the government faces a shutdown due to the lack of agreement on overspending.

The bottom line is, the Republicrats want to overspend less than the Democans. At a time when the American debt is accumulating at a rate of a billion dollars every 6 hours, they're arguing over $38 billion in cuts. My calculator says, regardless of which programs get cut, the imbeciles who lead us have just spent a month arguing over 9 days worth of debt. Clearly, confusion is all the rage on capitol hill.

A provocative news clip, aired this morning on Fox, allowed an intriguing glimpse into the near term future. It featured a soldier asking a politician how Congress can even think of going on vacation, while cash-strapped military families face a paycheck suspension.

The political suit, responding to an honest query from one of America's finest, characterized the question as "caustic," and told him to sit down. Some members of the audience echoed that sentiment. If there had been a dozen soldiers in the room, common sense dictates that, at some point the power will realize they don't need the pretenders in the room.

It's virtually certain very few people who saw the clip are aware of just how precisely the events mirrored the prophetic pattern seen in Scripture, but those who understand such things were stunned by the similarities. For the benefit of the unfortunates who have received their faulty understanding from the churches (which could be the worst place to find the truth this side of the District of Criminals), America is scheduled to parallel the rise, fall, and reconfigured dominion of the Roman Empire.

The so-called "Revived Roman Empire" widely pitched in Rapture Cult circles is a distortion of the truth, because it is self evident that America is center stage in the move to global dominion. In true Marxist form, the usurper and the money power has facilitated the overspending as the "sole surviving superpower" of our time, America, has sought to engineer and fund world government.

The predictable crash of the kingdom is a manifestation of the "deadly wound" cycle seen in Revelation, wherein one of the "heads" of the Beast government at the end of the age is "healed," and "all the world wondered" after the new, resurrected/globalized version of the kingdom. As ub in all dialectically driven political scenarios, the crisis is created, a dialogue dealing with the crisis is inaugurated, and a consensus as to a course of action is the inevitable result. Then the actions of the new consensus help to perpetuate the original problem, thus repeating the cycle. The procedure is seen in the Garden of Eden, with God, the first breeding pair, and the serpent as the original 3 players.

Millennia later, in Rome's case, as the kingdom imploded under internal and external assault from its enemies, the Empire was broken into 10 distinct proto-states, which ultimately formed the European political nation-states. America already has the prophesied 10 fold division of the country in place under the auspices of FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency). Additional federal agencies (such as the EPA) are now being conformed to the same 10 fold division, and given police powers.

Eventually the pattern will repeat, and the entire world will be divided into 10 regions (an event which some suggest has already occurred with the treaty of Rome).

At the conclusion of this 3 step cycle ("the beast not...and shall ascend"), the beast government will be "healed" in a global form after its deadly wound phase (see Revelation 17:8 for details). That new global entity, which will be placed in Jerusalem, will also echo the 3 stage effort at global dominion seen in The League of Nations, the present inept United Nations, and the final manifestation of the WAR Beast (World Antichrist Religion).

For more on how the patterns of prophecy allows astute observers to read the sequential events, and anticipate events before they occur, see the short video on THE BEAST THAT WAS.

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