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Authorities Provide Laughable Explaination For Massive Fish Die-Off In California

illions Of Dead Fish Suddenly Die, But Experts Say "It's Not Alarming."

An enormous die off of sardines and anchovies occurred in a Redondo Beach California marina on Tuesday March 8, 2011. Initial reports said the number was in the "millions," and marine biologists initially blamed the ecological condition known as Red Tide.

Red Tide occurs when a sudden growth of toxicmicroscopic plankton develops. Within hours of the Southern California fish die-off, scientists were dismissing the Red Tide connection. By Wednesday morning, major media, including Fox News, claimed a "big wind" inexplicably blew the small fish into the harbor, and the overcrowding caused them to die because of the competition for oxygen by so many fish.

California Fish and Game biologists claim that's exactly what happened. A local bait store operator says the small fish, which are used as bait, "just get pushed in by mackerel or whatever is feeding on them and die in shallow water. It's not the end of the world."

With the previous statement, we can all rest assured that millions of dead fish is not actually a sign, or an indicator of an impending ecological holocaust, and it certainly doesn't suggest the end is at hand, because an anchovy salesman said so. Don't worry America, go back to sleep.

The truth is, the so-called "experts" don't have a clue, and they refuse to go in the room where the clues are kept.

With massive animal, fish, and bird die-offs occurring back to back in a staccato fashion around the world, one would have to be an imbecile to believe the "officials." After all, they're here to "help us," right?

The Scriptures repeatedly speak of a world where all the ecological cycles begin to go mad towards the end of the age, but it also says the vast majority of the people "knew not until the [disaster] came and took them all away" (Matthew 24:39)

With planet Earth teetering on the brink of horrifying war with widely deployed weapons of mass destruciton, a complete economic collapse of the central currency of the world (the dollar), and a looming famine that will obviously be beyond comprehension, anyone who is not preparing to whatever degree they are able is simply being foolish with their life, and the lives of anyone who depend upon their blind leadership.

For more on the end of the age, and how most of mankind is completely unaware of what is about to happen, see the video on The Snare.

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