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As Syrian Government Kills Its Citizens For Desiring Freedom, Nato & US Focus On
Oil Rich Libya

Clinton Calls Syrian Situation "Different"
As Double Standard Is Obvious When
Everyone Knows It's All About The Oil

itizens around the world are watching the nation of Syria, as the dictator Bashir Assad continues his bloody assault on citizen protesters. Inspired by Arab uprisings in nations all around them, the Syrians are destined to be disappointed when they realize they're on their own in the struggle for freedom.

Worse yet, in a nation with a significant Christian history that was swallowed by the explosive growth of Islam so long ago, when the events which are presently in motion are fully ignited, the city of Damascus will lie in rubble.

Many are unfamiliar with the unique history of prior political unrest, but back in the 1980's during another uprising, Assad's father, Hafez Al-Assad killed more of his citizens than have been lost in the recent Japanese disaster -- and the Assad family tyranny continued unabated.

In the last few days, Bashir Assad has presided over the deaths of dozens of citizens in the present round of protests. To a certain extent, Hillary Clinton's statement saying the Syrian situation is different from Libya is at least partially accurate. Syria is firmly in the grip of Iranian Islamo-Fascism, and is deeply committed to retaining its historic control over Lebanon in a steady march towards a final, all out confrontation with Israel. Because of the degree of control over the nation for over 40 years enjoyed by the Assad regime, scattered air strikes in support of domestic dissent simply will not suffice.

Further, the Syrians have been repeatedly exposed in clandestine weapons activities, including missiles purchased from North Korea, and a long standing secret nuclear weapons development program. The city of Damascus itself is thought to house a hidden facility, so the regime has placed the inhabitants of the ancient locale in a collective hostage role. No wonder then, the prophet Isaiah predicts the city will become virtually non-existent at some point in the end times:

"Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap." (Isaiah 17:1)

In view of the fact that nuclear equipped Iran is Syria's patron, and with Hezbollah controlled Lebanon forming the third of this crescent of power seeking to encircle Jerusalem, the prophecies concerning the uprooting of three "horns" of power at the hands of the tiny state of Israel -- the "little horn" in the prophets -- is destined to occur in the near future.

Furthermore, huge numbers of prophecy expositors continue to deflect the true prophetic alignment of nations with their false doctrine, as they continue to erroneously identify Russia as Israel's enemy in the end times. This false perspective continues in spite of the fact that relations between Russia and Israel have steadily warmed over the last decade. For more information on the true alignment of nations, including Russia's supposed alignment with Iran in a future war against Israel, see the online article THE BIG BEAR AND THE LITTLE HORN.

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