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Generation Of Vipers

or some years now, we have predicted the twin timelines of parallel prophetic fulfillment will continue right down to the last day. As the first tribulation occurred in Jerusalem in the Roman siege of 66-70 AD, the second (and final) tribulation will parallel that epic event.

When John the Baptist set the prophetic fulfillments of his time in motion with his momentous ministry, he categorically characterized the people of his era as a "generation of vipers" (Luke 3:7). As Christ designated the final tribulation would be unprecedented, it follows that the parallel generation (our time) may also be characterized as this offspring of the serpents.

Some years ago, after studying the particulars of the Jerusalem siege by Caesar Vespasianus, and subsequently his son Titus (the prince of Rome in fulfillment of Daniel 9:26), I began to study in detail the 3 1/2 year siege in the writings of Flavius Josephus.  An absolutely horrifying account, I was struck by the viciousness of the Jews and those shut up in the city with them (Sicarii, Idumeans, Samaritans, Assassins, etc). These are simply parallels of all the differing "flavors" of apostate Christianity in our time.

As they turned on each other, the cycle of abominations grew. Towards the end, the rebels retreated to the temple, and gambled for who would take the role of the high priest (whom they had murdered.) Ultimately, they copulated with prostitutes in a drunken orgy in "the holy place" (Matthew 24:15). As the "holy place" is now in Christ (Hebrews 9:12), we can expect a similarly hideous cycle of degradation and abominations in a spiritual sense within the body of Christ.

It is becoming clear the vile and contemptuous behaviour we are presently seeing within the mainstream (and even the so-called "remnant" Christian) church, is but the beginning of a grotesque repetition of the tribulational cycle. When one seriously studies what happened in the first timeline, and realizes the final run through of the Armageddon Script will exceed that disastrous sequence of events, we should truly be in fear and trembling for what lies directly ahead.

July 26 2005 -- James Lloyd

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