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The Third Way

s the Rapture Cult dominated field of Bible prophecy continues to fret over the unscriptural activities of the man they placed in the White House, they are completely ignorant of enormously significant events that are already upon us. Once we shed the spiritual blinders that comprise the false doctrine of dispensationalism, and recognize that we are already in the tribulational cycle, it becomes relatively easy to consider more realistic alternative prophetic scenarios.

For instance, the Bible teaches us there will be 3 factions in the end times, and all three are in spiritual sync with the dragon. Daniel's 11th chapter describes a world divided along a North-South axis (Daniel 11:36,40), and these two factions will throw the world into such turmoil that the collective citizenry will be seeking a third way. That "third way" is the synthesis of the other two.

This situation is not dissimilar to the Cold War era in which the East, personified by the USSR and the Warsaw Pact nations bitterly opposed the West, personified by the USA and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. As the communists and the capitalists vied for position among the nations of the world, fighting surrogate wars in Korea and Vietnam among other places, many nations desired to be non-aligned.

This "third way," a path of non-alignment with either of the two belligerents, was actually formalized among nations that were usually referred to as the "third world" -- or what we now call the developing nations. Now that Russia has acquiesced to the overwhelming economic clout of America, and torn down the "iron curtain," the Russians have become a member of the Group of 8 (G8) industrialized national powers that are geo-centralized in the North.

Meanwhile, the Southern states that were formerly non-aligned, or considered "third world" nations, have begun to coalesce into cohesive alliances that are troubling to the North. In other words, we now have the world divided between the King of the North, and the King of the South, and the cycle will now repeat itself. 

This is the political dialectic -- the notorious formula of thesis versus antithesis equals synthesis. The synthesis, or third way, is actually the desired result by the hidden powers that are moving people and nations about as though they were on some cosmic chess board.

In this present manifestation, the Northern industrial powers of America and NATO are exploitative, and predatory. The Southern powers, personified by countries that don't want to service the international bankers with their nation's natural resources, are now wealthy enough through the oil revenues of their OPEC associates, that they are able to seriously challenge the power of the North.

The rest of the world that views the insanity of the North-South conflict, abhorring the naked fascism of North Amerika, and equally disdainful of the socialist-Islamic coalition in the South, prefers the "third way" -- and that way is epitomized by the what the United Nations is about to become.

That resurrected version of the now politically wounded UN (Revelation 13:3), will actually be the third version of world dominion, with the failed League of Nations the first, and the present form of the UN the second version. The "third way" of world government will encompass the principles articulated in the UN charter, and that emergent body will be relocated to Jerusalem.

Furthermore, the real power, the permanent membership of the UN Security-Council, will be reconfigured to represent a compromised version (read synthesis) of the agendas of the North and the South. That Security-Council (or some similarly named body within a successor to the UN) will be comprised of "ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but [they will] receive power as kings one hour with the beast" (Revelation 17:12).

Those ten kings "shall give their power and strength unto the beast"  (Revelation 17:13). and that "beast" will be the Antichrist. The Antichrist is to be the 8th head of the beast (Revelation 17:11), and the 8th phase (read "head") of present configuration of the beast kingdom is now 5 months away from the end of the term of its 7th head (the 7th Secretary-General Kofi Annan).

Furthermore, Kofi Annan's term could end at any time due to the widespread exposure of his criminal activities (the billion dollar oil for food scandal), and the North versus South conflict is already well underway. Politicians are now openly discussing moving the UN to Jerusalem, and military troops are rapidly deploying as I write these words, so it's clear the trap is already set, and most of the world, including the deaf, dumb, and blind "church," will choose the "third way."

But that's precisely what the prophets have said will occur all along.

September 30 2005 -- James Lloyd

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