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American "Christian" Taxpayers Fund Persecution Of Pakistani Christians

asking In The Glow Of The "Victory" Over Bin Ladin, America's Deceived Believers Continue To Fund The Moslem Beast

With Pakistan's American funding topping $1 Billion per year, and the intentionally ignorant "believer's" complicity, Pakistan is a leader of the Islamic pack, as genuine Christians throughout the Moslem world are being tortured, imprisoned, and murdered.

In what can only be considered gross moral cowardice, and encouraged by their lying pastors and priests in the corporate whorehouses masquerading as "churches," American Christian's continue to dutifully pay taxes to a regime that helps support and sustain Moslem thugs who are persecuting Christians around the world. In Pakistan, for example, a 45 year old Christian mother of five named Asia Bibi languishes on death row, awaiting her execution. Her crime? a vastly trumped up charge of Blasphemy of Islam, obviously leveled by the Islamic zealots in Pakistan.

Although much attention has been focused on her case, the Obama Presidency's response has been to increase Pakistani support -- the latest outrage seen in a $20 million dollar US funded project to produce a Pakistani version of the children's TV show Sesame Street.

While we would not propose going to war with Pakistan over religion, if America's Christians were to unite and demand the Obama criminal cabal immediately cut funding to Pakistan, it's a safe bet that someone in Pakistan would have a "miraculous" visitation indicating that Bibi should pardoned. Instead, Christians continue to timidly justify their cowardice with lame claims that God wants them to "obey the Beast" -- a gross twisting of Scripture.

Meanwhile, in OPEC member Nigeria (an organization in which America is known to wield some degree of influence), Moslem mobs have justmurdered 17 Christians, including the wife and three children of a pastor, and burned down several Christian homes in the village of Kurum in Bauchi State. We can probably expect the Obama clique to increase our foreign aid as a result. Incredibly, the Christians in America, are apparently too busy shopping at Walmart to lodge any form of protest with our worthless leaders -- but no doubt, they'll "pray" for those poor persecuted believers who are standing for their faith in the lands of the Mohammedans.

Meanwhile, back in Pakistan, in the very town where American funds are being spread around to produce a Pakistani version of Big Bird and the Cookie Monster, three Christian families have fled their homes after a Moslem mob threatened to harm them. When the Paki police came to the scene, they arrested one of the Christians -- a retarded 25 year man on -- surprise -- Blasphemy charges. He is now in jail in Lahore, Pakistan -- the same locale holding Asia Bibi. Perhaps President Obama's US AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (USAID) -- the taxpayer funded nest of vipers funneling millions to Lahore -- can find a way to reward the Moslem clerics who led the crowd against the innocent families in the area.

At this point in time, it is a given that Barack Hussein Obama will sizzle for eternity in the lake of fire for his misdeeds, but knowledgeable observers are aware that many of America's supposed "Christians" will join him there, as a direct result of their complete lack of courage in refusing to stand up on behalf of their alleged brothers and sisters in foreign lands.

For more on the fashion in which Islam is being funded and manipulated to move the world to Armageddon, listen to the short audio on THE ISLAMIC ANTICHRIST.

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