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Armageddon Script In Daniel 11 Presages Extraterrestrial Introduction

he mysterious religious practice found in the prophet Daniel's writings describing the Antichrist's embrace of the "god of forces" is an indicator that a significant interaction with extraterrestrial intelligence is now long overdue.

In our studies of what I've come to refer to as The Armageddon Script (Daniel's 11th chapter), I've come to see that the serial wars between the King of the North (George W Bush and the G8/NATO alliance) and the King of the South (the former 3rd world Islamic/Developing nations) will shortly generate an enormously destructive war. In the wake of that war is the cry for "peace and safety" that will renew (read "heal") the deadly wound the United Nations has already experienced on at least a political level.

When the UN or a successor organization (Boutros-Ghali's "third generation" form of world governmnet) is resurrected and empowered with sweeping emergency authority, the leader that emerges in that construct (the Antichrist) is said to honor a "god of forces." The plural term Elohim, this "god" is the re-introduction of the fallen ones (aka the Nephilim) seen in Genesis 6. These will interact with mankind in the guise of alien beings.

Because at this point in time, we are very close to the reconfiguration of the UN Security Council (a summit is already set for September), and the UNSC will field the 10 Kings of Revelation, we expect to see a sharp increase in the UFO phenomena in the near term.

Daniel seems to point towards a direct involvement of this "god of forces" in the administration of the world, thus we would be very surprised if we don't see a hugely significant event very soon -- and that event will move the Armageddon Script a giant step closer to it's final act.

July 19 2005 -- James Lloyd

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