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State's Evidence

he announcement from the Volcker Commission that UN figure Benon Sevan definitely stands accused of taking financial kickbacks in the massive $60 Billion plus fraud that was the Oil For Food program was only the first of a new round of disclosures that are destined to bring about a huge crisis at the United Nations.

Even before the latest "interim" report from Volcker's UN sponsored committee was released, Sevan's lawyer claimed the attack on his client was to protect "others to whom he reported." The only "other" that Sevan reported to was the man who appointed him -- the 7th Secretary-General of the UN Kofi Annan.

As we have long predicted, Annan is to be identified with the "raiser of taxes" of Daniel 11, who is scheduled to "be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle" (Daniel 11:20) in order to make room for the Antichrist (the "vile person" of Daniel 11:21). Years ago, when I repeatedly predicted Kofi Annan would somehow be removed from power prior to the conclusion of his complete term of office, I was inundated with scoffers.

Now, as any cop-drama afficionado can tell you, classic law enforcement procedure is to try to get one of the perpetrators to agree to testify against someone higher up in exchange for a lesser sentence. Concurrent with Volcker's condemnation of Sevan, the US Attorney's office arrested Alexander Yakovlev, who stands accused of pocketing about a million dollars in kickbacks related to his work in the procurement office of the UN.

Yakovlev had just lost his diplomatic immunity and he will likely become a huge figure in the exploding scandal. He is the man who awarded the much coveted contract for inspection of goods in Iraq, and he is the key man in the awarding of a primary contract to Cotecna, the Swiss firm that had employed Kojo Annan, Kofi Annan's son. In simple terms, this means the man that may have the "smoking gun" proving Kofi Annan's corruption is now in jail -- and probably willing to make a deal.

With the Volcker Commission urging Benon Sevan be prosecuted, Sevan's now wide open hostility towards his former boss Kofi Annan, and the arrest of the key man in the Cotecna scam, Kofi Annan's days are clearly numbered at the UN. As the book of Revelation tells us, the 7th head is "wounded," and the eighth head is the Antichrist -- who is plainly said to be "of the seven." Thus, with today's flurry of announcements, it's very likely we'll see the long prophesied power change at the UN in short order.

To put it plainly, the Antichrist is coming back to town.

August 8 2005 -- James Lloyd

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