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Japan Radiation Media Spin Continues As Nuke Contamination Spreads

he "authorities," vested with the power to decide what we should or should not know, continue to spin the Japanese nuclear disaster news in a favorable fashion. The truth is, the situation in the Earthquake-Tsunami damaged reactors is now deadlier than ever.

Scattered reports are reaching the Internet and various media entities, even as mainstream media continues to point us to Charlie Sheen's latest antics, or which Wall Street executive made a bundle by wisely investing in the completely crooked American stock market. Meanwhile, some observers believe there will be a complete meltdown, with unprecedented levels of radiation released in the very near term.

The "containment" of the truth strategy appears to be working, for as nuclear contamination has now been detected in 15 American states, the public is largely continuing as though it's business as usual. GEO has done the exact opposite from the very beginning, noting only days ago the little noticed fact the EPA actually took key American radiation monitors offline at a crucial time.

In the most recent disclosures, milk samples in Washington state have now been found to have radiation contamination. This at a time when the incessant media drones on, telling us these things are at levels which indicate the contamination is no cause for alarm. The last time I looked, kids drink milk, and any knowledgeable observer knows children are at the greatest risk when it come to radiation contamination.

Iodine 131, the type which is specifically identified with the Fukushima plant, has now been detected as far East as Florida and both Carolinas, so it's clear the radioactive plume which was of such concern to Western states, has now spread across the nation -- but remember, as Big Brother says, "at no time was the public in any danger..."

However, the alternative media, such as Natural News, states that  the Iodine 131 is not the most dangerous type of radiation, and cautions that agencies such as the EPA aren't even looking for Plutonium, Cesium, and Radium contaminations --- and these are already known to have escaped from the Japanese facilities. Such particles (especially the Plutonium), are very unsafe at much lower levels. Further, if ingested (such as in the Northwestern milk that has already been found to be contaminated), they are lethal at miniscule contaminant levels.

At GEO, Christian Media, and Sound Body, because we already know the liars in government and mainstream media will lie until you die, we began ingesting the fabled Potassium Iodate as soon as the crisis began. However, KI03 (Iodate) should not be ingested indefinitely, as it was designed for short term use for rapid saturation to protect the Thyroid from radioactivity.

Since the nuclear threat has now dragged on for weeks, and steady levels of contamination are likely to continue until the end of the age, a more sustainable strategy is to learn to develop natural iodine levels via the consumption of iodine rich foods, or organic compounds which can help to keep the Thyroid healthy. Because the food supply is iodine poor due to depletion of the soils, and millions of people have Thyroid related mineral and nutritional deficiencies, several vendors had already formulated iodine supplemention products for ongoing use before the crisis began.

Our choice is Thyadine, a natural homeopathic colloidal iodine. It draws from the fabled seaweed as well as other sources found in nature. Thyadine is an excellent liquid formula (it's in bottle form with a dropper for rapid absorption) that supports and strengthens the various Thyroid functions.

For more, see the print material on THYADINE.

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