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Saudis Say Iranian Reactor To Be Activated In May, May Blow Up

Arabian Concerns Voiced To US Defense Secretary May Be Indication Of Top Secret Knowledge Of American-Israeli Military Intentions

he news release from earlier this week, in which King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia voiced intense concerns the Bushehr reactor in Iran may have been compromised, is suspicious on its face.

On the one hand, the statement could be a disinformation ploy designed to stall Iranian intentions to activate the reactor in May. On the other hand, the Iranian nuke program has been repeatedly plagued with problems related to the American-Israeli designed Stuxnet computer virus, and Abdullah may have inadvertently provided an indication of another layer of the Stuxnet function -- i.e. a complete meltdown under certain circumstances.

The virus has already proven to be the most sophisticated and destructive code ever designed, and it was clearly engineered specifically to create nuclear havoc. Some observers have suspected the Stuxnet virus may have played a part in the Japanese crisis; as an Israeli connection to the Fukushima reactors, albeit a tenuous one, has been detected.

As a close ally of the North American military coalition known as the Northern Command (see the "king of the North" in Daniel 11 for details), it is also possible the Saudi royal house has extensive knowledge of the Northern plan to attack Iran.

At a time when mainstream media is running a disinformation program on an intense basis, tiny threads of information eventually come out. For instance, regardless of whether the Saudis are genuinely worried about what they termed a "second Fukushima," in May when the Bushehr plant is scheduled to go online, the proximity of the entire Arabian gulf to Iran in the event of any kind of nuclear emergency may be what is really on the King's mind.

Saudi Arabia, through the power of their oil revenues, has been deeply committed to the Northern industrial factions for many decades. Sunni Abdullah clearly hates Shiite Tehran, and the mutual American/Israeli/Saudi opposition to the threat of the Ayatollah was exposed last year (via the Wikileaks file dump), when Abdullah was verbally heard in a recording telling Washington to "cut off the head of the snake" -- the latter a direct reference to Iran.

Thus, although the media continues to play up dissension between Washington and Riyadh, it is far more likely the Saudis have scheduled a ringside seat when Tel Aviv moves on Tehran. An unbiased read of prophecy tells us the Iranian Axis that is Iran, Syria, and Lebanon will be deceimated in a single stage event as Christian Media< and GEOhave long projected, but most "Christian" prophecy observers can't see it, because it casts Israel as the "Little Horn" -- an office reserved for the Spirit of Antichrist.

However, "refuge of lies" constructed by "Death" and "Hell" spoken of by the prophet Isaiah(code names for theAntichrist andThe False Prophet) will not stop the prophesied events which are scheduled to occur.

For more on the great conflagration which is, even now, erupting in the Middle East, see the video on AMERICAN MAGOG.

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