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Rapture Cult Anticipates Another Embarassment Over May 21st False Prediction 

Family Radio's Harold Camping's False Prophecy Shows The Dark Side Of The Doctrine

ajor gospel media ministries are frantically trying to distance themselves from the national media campaign of Family Radio, whose flashy leader, one Harold Camping, is pressing hard on his prediction the so-called "rapture" will occur on May 21st of this year. With hundreds of radio stations, and billboards announcing "judgment day" already trumpeting Camping's prediction, the last week before the dire date promises to be intense.

Camping's novel mathematical calculations not only expose the Scriptural ambiguity concerning the specifics of the end times, they demonstrate the consensus view found in the Rapture Cult is anything but obvious to the discerning Bible reader. In other words, because at least one major media ministry (in this case, Family Radio), has departed from the conventional view of the so-called "rapture," the division seen among theologians is a powerful indicator that many other leaders in the cult that captured Christianity may also be in significant error on a multitude of adjacent doctrines.

The doctrinal problems associated with the theological system (known as dispensationalism) that is associated with the "rapture" are complex, and the controversy is dangerous to the consensus view, because when believers begin to examine their Bibles to refute Camping, they may find other aspects of the rapture system equally dubious. That is particularly bad news for the commercial interests associated with the Cult, for it is a billion dollar cash cow. Indeed, those doctrinal expatriates who have come to see Christianity in a more historic light have already found what kind of hardball is played by those whose bread and butter is at stake.

The fact is, Harold Camping's present antics are priceless because he has enough political power that the whores who comprise the corporate brain trust that is the Rapture Cult establishment are unable to shut him up with the same treacherous back-room blacklisting seen in the early days of the doctrine. Make no mistake, Camping will be discredited, as there is no way for the "rapture" to occur on May 21st -- not because Camping has miscalculated, but for the simple reason the doctrine itself is a fraud.

Thus, the Rapture Cult leadership will be relieved when Camping slithers back under his rock sometime next week.

In yet another irony, we wholeheartedly agree with the Cult pastors who are urging their Spiritual charges to study the Word of God to refute Camping -- however, we would urgently suggest they conduct that study without the lens of doctrinal presumptions that any part of the system itself is accurate. In addition to a thorough Scriptural analysis, we might also suggest the earnest student of Scripture review several alternative perspectives -- after all, if the Rapture doctrine is true, it should be able to withstand any theoretical refutation.

Finally, those intrepid souls who actually believe the Scripture where Christ tells us "a tree is known by its fruit," might want to study the abysmal history of the origins of the Rapture Cult -- a process we embarked upon decades ago -- and our conclusion is directly related to why we call it a cult in the first place. The short version is, it started as a small study group with occultic practices, but when it grew to the abomination we presently see, its early proponents covered up the origin in order to legitimatize the doctrine.

Some would say such assertions are damaging the faith of the millions already immersed in the system, but the Bible not only says it is the truth that will set you free, it ominously tells us that, in the last generation, there will be a wholesale departure from the historic truth of the Gospel. Huge numbers of Christians have been taught this applies to those supposedly "left behind," but the truth, they are fulfilling this great "falling away" themselves with their refusal to come to the knowledge of the truth.

For more on the Rapture Cult, see the 2 minute video on the subject of THE RAPTURE.

More information is found on the rapture system, its lack of Scriptural efficacy, and the appalling behaviour of the doctrine's adherents, in the book THE RAPTURE CULT.

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