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The Media Massages The Message

bama's Lies Are So Obvious That Mainstream Media Has Soiled Themselves Trying To Mask Their Malfeasance

An astute observer of the media from yesteryear named Marshall McLuhancoined the phrase The Media Is The Message -- an eloquent way of saying the media has embedded itself into the content of their own reporting; however, in 21st Century America, we might more accurately say The Media Massages The Message.

As the left-of-center corporate whores that have appointed themselves to the role of what used to be a noble office, their profound disinterest in reporting the criminal  prevarications of the usurper in the White House has made history.

The open secret is that Barack Obama lies so regularly that only fools and those completely mesmerized by his evil persona believe a word he says. The most recent example of Barry's Bovine Skatology is now circulating the Internet -- that global Aeropagus he wants to control -- as the skeptics, cynics, and citizens continue to do the work the media has refused to perform.

In the present instance, the First Dirtbag has been conclusively exposed in yet another lie related to his family lineage. Perhaps media's reluctance to cover this is because they already know full well Obama's family history, as presented to the public, is pure fiction; but in this glaring example, the pretender is on CNN stating his father served in World War II. The problem is, the man Barack claims is his father, was 5 years old when World War II started, and about 9 1/2 when it ended.

Even if Barry trots out but one of his alter egos, that of Mr. Soetoro, and then points to his step father as the object of his pre-election campaign lie, Soetoro Senior was only 6 years old when World War II started. Thus, here is yet another clear cut example of a man who flatly lied about his family in order to sell himself to voters and get elected. However, that's not the real story.

The real story here is how the American political machinery, comprised of money, power, media, and more, continues to demonstrate they value their position more than any moral or ethical obligation to report the truth.  The ultimate media, the Holy Bible has a verse that will surely surface again and again throughout eternity, when the wretched souls who were enriched through massaging the message find themselves in eternal hell fire:

"And for this cause...they should believe a lie...because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved." (II Thessalonians 2:11,10)

To see and hear Barack Obama's campaign lie concerning his family heritage so that he can get elected, CLICK HERE.

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