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Key Radiation Warning System In US Was Disabled As Japan Radiation Increased

estern state's components of the key radiation warning system in the US were out of action prior to last weekend. In a little noticed news item, the Associated Press has reported that four of the 11 stationary monitors in California, near the San Andreas Fault, were offline for repairs or maintenance last week. 

According to AP, about 20 monitors out of 124 nationwide were out of service earlier during the week. Suspiciously, the monitors which were out of service were located in portions of the primary path of the radiation plume wafting over the Pacific from Japan.

Just days ago, a report surfaced claiming a radiation reading in one of the Japanese reactors was said to be a "million" times over the safe limit, and the episode caused workers to flee. Japan media later claimed the reading was false. Thus, conflicting data continues to emanate along with the radioactive plume floating over the Pacific.

A Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) spokesperson claimed that "high radiation levels seeped into the water at 10 million times more that it should be for the water in the reactor."

Although government paid officials, who use the US based radiation monitors' readings to validate the impact of nuclear incidents continue to tell us the plume dissipates before reaching America, suspicions abound. Indeed, indications have surfaced in published reports saying the American/Israeli designed Stuxnet virus, which was used to generate false readings in Iranian nuclear facilities, may have infected the Japan nuclear plants.

Presumably designed to cause an Iranian meltdown, Stuxnet was designed to give false low level indications of radioactivity, when high levels are actually present.

Just a tiny fraction of the level of radiation involved will, at the very least, cause cancer rates to skyrocket.

EPA officials claimed they had portable monitors in place as backups while the permanent ones were being repaired, but no independent verification is available. 

Editor's Note: As there is already a massive amount of data indicating the highest levels of government are deeply involved in a globalist effort to destabilize the leading nation in the world (America), in an effort to "level the world's playing field," articles of this nature are ominous at the very least.

Although the incurable optimists among us routinely scoff at conspiracy theorists, we are already well beyond "theory," as enormous documentation exists pointing to a long term embrace of the globalist agenda – a program that includes massive depopulation as a primary goal.

Links between our leaders and dozens of published objectives, such as the notorious "Georgia Guidestones," an occultic "green" mantra calling for a world population of 500 million, are met with incredulity by the masses.

The Scriptures detail how the vast majority of the world "knew not until the [disaster] came, and took them all away" (Matthew 24:39) in reference to the days of Noah and the great flood, and Jesus Christ said this was the blueprint for the end times. In short, the overwhelming majority will not suspect what is happening until it's too late. It's hardly paranoia to recognize a threat as it approaches, but those who see it coming are commonly mocked and ridiculed.

Through the Old Testament prophet Hosea, the LORD said

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge," but that only occurs because the prophet also says they "rejected knowledge" (Hosea 4:6).

For more on the true fate of the world in the immediate future, see the online video on the prophetic formula known as THE 6,7,8 CYCLE.

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