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What The Government
Didn't Do Today

Amid Ongoing Tyrannical Moves, Once Again The Beast Did Not Reverse Course

ach morning, as part of my routine (usually after making coffee in order to steel myself for the daily onslaught), I turn on the TV News, while looking at the Internet Alternative News pages I receive, and say "Let's see what they've done to us while we slept." Hardly a day goes by when there is not some ridiculous, or egregiously stupid thing being put forth by a government who clearly enjoys playing God.

In the process of my ongoing anecdotal analysis of the world in which we live, and the daily pounding our rights and religion take at the hands of the hydra known as government, it occurred to me it might be a good idea to take note of what the government did not do today. Today, the American government did not do the following:

  • Cut spending to such an astonishing degree that eighty percent of the government employed deadbeats have to go out and look for a job like the rest of the country
  • Decide it's time to revert to our original Constitutional form of government
  • Throw out 90% of the federal regulations that have made life in America into the nightmare our founders warned us could occur
  • Abolish every alphabet agency between that starts with letters that come after A and ends with letters before Z
  • Close down every foreign military base, and place half of our troops on our own national borders
  • Encourage every able bodied citizen to obtain and learn how to handle a firearm which they will be required to carry with them at all times
  • Deport every illegal alien and take every dime they possess before dropping them off at their place of origin
  • Indict every executive with any involvement in the Federal Reserve system
  • Print our own currency backed by precious metals
  • Abolish every government sponsored entitlement and vocally encourage the public to voluntary charity
  • Ban all automobiles, electronics, and capitol equipment manufactured in another country
  • Sell all land owned by the federal government to American citizens, and split half the proceeds with every taxpayer
  • With the other half of the proceeds, offer free medical school to citizens who will be required to treat citizens at cost for 4 years after graduating
  • Plant massive amounts of crops to feed the rest of the world at prices we set
  • Prosecute all politicians for treason who belong to any supranational group such as the CFR, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, and others
  • Incarcerate every living former, and current President, Vice President, Secretary of State, and Speaker of the House
  • Publicly flog all Democrats, and make all Republicans watch with a stern warning

The preceding is only a partial list of things the government did not do today, and is subject to revision when we see what they do to us tomorrow.

For a realistic view of things the government will undoubtedly cause to occur in the near future, see the video on AMERICAN BABYLON.

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