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Americans Betrayed Again By Republicans
As Boehner defends usurper in chief as a "Christian," Paul votes for the queers in the military

he leader of the Republican "opposition," John Boehner, speaking on Meet The Press over the weekend, demonstrated he really doesn't have a clue concerning what is causing the demise of America.

In a wide ranging interview, Beohner ignored all evidence to the contrary, and said the pretender in the Oval Office is indeed, "a citizen," and dismissed all indications to the contrary, by simply saying "Hawaii says so." The reference to Hawaii is related to the birth certificate issue, and Boehner's statement runs directly contrary to statements made by former Hawaiian officials who have testified, under oath, that there is no birth certificate in Hawaii for Barry Soetero, Barack Obama, or any of the other names variously used by the Democratic poser.

The Republican leader then proceeded to put his foot even further down his guilty gullet by saying that he was satisfied that Barack Obama is indeed, a Christian. As the Moslem-Socialist coalition that has seized the reigns of the once great country likely looked on with glee, it was readily apparent the Republicans are continuing in the Dialectic shell game perpetrated on the public for the last century.

Meanwhile, fiscal conservative and darling of the Patriot Right Ron Paul, demonstrating his true social worldview, joined the pragmatic yes vote crowd among other RINOs when he he voted to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell. The role reversal was ironic, for it was the liberal Bill Clinton leadership that restrained the Homosexual rise in the military when Don't Ask Don't Tell was installed -- whereas the supposedly conservative Mr. Paul has now added his voice to the pro-sodomite crowd pushing to let the queers in the showers with the real men.

Monday may be the worst day of the week to reveal bad news of this nature, but Christian Media and GEO have long stated there is no political solution to the deadly wound presently bleeding in America. Unfortunately, there is much worse to come, as the country is now firmly in the grip of an ancient evil, a malevolence that is so vicious and all pervasive that the only escape is found within the hearts of those who have genuinely Spiritual ears to hear the truth.

For more on America's role in prophecy, see the short video on The Lion, The Bear, And The Leopard.

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