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Latino Gangs To Be Warlords In Post Apocalyptic America

he recent CFR (Council On Foreign Relations) report that openly admitted the secretive five-year plan for the "establishment by 2010 of a North American economic and security community" now plainly telegraphs the globalist strategy for the dismemberment of the United State's prior political primacy.

The CAFTA or Central American Free Trade Association , like it's illegitimate parent SHAFTA (is being used as a mechanism to justify the already non-existent border security of the United States.

Some remember that H Ross Perot once said was the source of "that sucking sound" is your jobs headed South. Note how even back in Perot's day, he saw it moving South (See Daniel 11 Predicted North Vs South).

In the wake of last month's failed effort by Iraqi agents to enter the US through Mexico, and the Salvadoran criminal gang Mara Salvatrucha's (MS 13) apparent trade in smuggling anything & anybody into the US (can you spell suitcase nukes?), it is clear the Latin American criminal mafias are being positioned to function as warlords in post-Apocalyptic America.

While the American media vilifies patriots like the minutemen, US trained mercenary groups like the Zetas are ultra violent Mexican paramilitary commandos that are now operating in 6 US states with minimal mainstream scrutiny. With American military assets overwhelming committed to faraway places, when the horrifying devastation known in the book of Revelation as the "deadly wound" strikes America, these murderous cartels will be largely unchallenged on the surviving streets of America.

This ensures that even in the chaotic conditions that are guaranteed to occur after the US has received the now obvious nuclear terrorist strike that Al Quaida is known to be preparing, drug sale proceeds will still flow into the predatory pockets of the cryptocracy that has control of the world.

Revelation categorically states that drug abuse will continue deep into the tribulational cycle, for the insightful Word of God tells us that even after some of the worst plagues of the tribulation strike Babylon (read America), "they repented not of their murders, nor of their sorceries...." (Revelation 9:21). Many know the Greek New Testament word for drugs is pharmakeia -- rendered in the KJV as sorceries.

In short, it is now certain the Latin American criminal gangs have been granted the drug franchise for North America during the imminent turmoil the Bible calls the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21). 

July 14 2005 -- James Lloyd

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