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Coming Middle East Flashpoint: Hezbollah Faces Terror, Murder Charges At Hariri Tribunal

pecial Lebanese Tribunal (STL) Pre-Trial Judge Daniel Fransen asked the court to define crimes of terrorism, conspiracy and premeditated murder when the tribunal held its first hearing Monday, February 7. Another of his 15 questions was: Under which law should these definitions be made - Lebanese or International or both? Within days, Judge Fransen is scheduled to publish indictments based on the findings of Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare's probe of the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri in 2005.

Rumors have been circulated and published saying the STL Indictment will include a surprise defendant in the leader of the Islamic Revolutionary Power in Iran, Theayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

The Lebanese Shiite Party known as Hezbollah, is led by officials facing indictments as International Criminals on charges of terrorism, conspiracy and premeditated murder. It has been sugested the order to murder the late Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri came directly from Khamenei. Although the inclusion of Khamenei is uncertain it is widely known that Hezbollah murdered Hariri. Once the international tribunal, Hostedy by the United Nations seeking to move in the legal authority of the world court in the Hague, isues its indictments, ther eis not much Hezbollah can do but openly flout the court's expected summons for their extradition by force of arms. With no end of the Egyptian standoff in sight, therefore, a showdown in Lebanon looms large.

The present situation in world affairs, particularly concerning the international effort to prosecute those who are not operating in accord with the consensus of powers, is a parallel to the previous efforts at a global government. Readers will remember the league of nations was attempted inthe wake of World War I, and the horrors of the war were used to justify the effort to bring about a world order.

As World War II arrived, the league collapsed in failure. Arrived, the league collapsed in failure. After World War II, the united nations was formed in the world's 2nd attempt at globalism, and ostensibly, to avoid World War III. It will, of course, fail. When World War III, the contrived asymmetrical war with Islam erupts, a 3rd attempt at world dominion will be made.

That effort, what the egyptial Dr. Boutros Boutro-Ghali once dubbed a "Third Generation UN," will be seated in Jerusalem. The world government that emerges will arrive after the forthcoming international military holocaust singes the entire world, and that conflict is directly related to the northern industrialized powers, ruled by the international banksters via the IMF and the world bank, and the southern factions of soacialist/Islamo-facism -- i.e. Daniel's "King of the North" veruss the "King of the South"

For more on how international law is developing a global consensus, as part of the nation's futile attempts at avoiding World War III, see the short video on The Blood Beast Of Babylon.

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