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The God Of Forces II: The Synthesis Of Science & Spirituality

Although I've studied Biblical and planetary catastrophism for many years, recent developments associated with the field of planetary catastrophism have brought forth some amazing understanding. Many are still unaware of the simple fact the Scriptures have always taught catastrophism - the concept that the Earth has been repeatedly devastated in significant ways throughout history. For example, the great flood of Noah was among the most catastrophic events in the history of man on the planet.

Scientists and researchers such as the late Immanuel Velikovsky , Professor James McCanney , and David Talbott have probed this area of inquiry for decades. The fact is, the data firmly demonstrates the world has experienced numerous cataclysms from the heavens in relatively recent times, and what Jesus Christ called "the powers of the heavens" (Matthew 24:29) was responsible. Comets, Earthquakes, massive windstorms, and even enormous electrical discharges have been associated with these destructive periods.

Now, scientific inquiry has made significant progress in unraveling the secrets of the physical universe. For instance, it was once believed that vast amounts of the galaxy consisted of "nothingness" in the vacuum of outer space, and that gravity was the primary force moving the planets around. We were taught that electrical and magnetic energy does not exist in space. Then we learned that electrical current could pass through that "empty" space as American space probes actually photographed the giant lightning bolts that jump between planetary bodies.

We were taught a huge, eccentric elliptical orbit, such as the one that is theorized for the so-called Planet X, was impossible. This is the theory of a very large, and yet undiscovered planet, in our solar system, that has an orbit that takes it an enormous distance away from the sun (well beyond Pluto, our best known outer planet), but returns it to the inner solar system at lengthy intervals.  Then astronomers located a planet in another solar system that had just such an "impossible" orbit. Then they found another, and another.  Only the fools are laughing at the possibility of a Planet X now.

The Electric Universe

Professor James McCanney, who has been repeatedly interview on underground radio (see the books Shortwave Wars, long ago concluded that many comets are actually electrically driven.  Other researchers agree with him as man has acquired data indicating that stellar energy fields are far more significant than previously thought.

Many Christians uninvolved in science are unaware of just how profoundly this knowledge is about to impact our lives. For example, we now know that instead of the "nothingness" we were taught is in the vast reaches of space, the universe is practically swimming in something called Plasma.

I have to confess I thought Plasma had something to do with blood transfusions, but it turns out that blood related compound was named after the electro-magnetic variety. I was amazed to find that science has now learned there are four basic states of matter - solids, liquids, neutral gas, and Plasma. And there's more.

For a definition of Plasma, I went to an Internet site dealing with the subject that told me "Plasmas are conductive assemblies of charged particles, neutrals, and fields..." ( This means Plasma describes a collection of molecules that are inhabited by energy, or forces of nature.  These Plasma systems are comprised of electrical currents, and they generate magnetic fields that can behave like batteries the size of planets.

Incredibly, we've now learned that "Plasmas are the most common form of matter, comprising more than 99% of the visible universe, and permeate the solar system, interstellar and intergalactic environments." ( This is simply an amazing statement, for it says that 99% of the universe is comprised of energy, or a force that is just now being studied!

Astonishing research has now been conducted linking thousands of ancient inscriptions, pictographs, and even cave drawings with contemporary Plasma physics. Etchings of mythological figures such as "Zeus" and "Kronos" with "thunderbolts" in their hands have now been linked with strikingly similar photographs of Plasma discharges produced in laboratories! This data demonstrates the mythic legends of "thunderbolts of the Gods" was not imagined, but was actually seen by the ancients.

This provides us with a direct connection between ancient mythology, Biblical catastrophism, and the fallen angels that once ruled the world. This emerging understanding of how the universe is coursing with energy also tells us the return of the Nephilim, the Hebrew word for the "fallen ones" seen in Genesis 6, is soon to occur.  

The Religion Of The Antichrist

The prophet Daniel recorded a description of the "religious" system that will sweep over the world when the Antichrist comes to power. The prophet tells us the following:

"But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour...." (Daniel 11:38)

This verse tells us the last day's leader shall use his office to influence the world - i.e. "in his estate" he will practice his religious system. Daniel's wonderful prophecy also implies this type of religion will be different from any conventional religious system. In addition to pointing out this "god" won't be like any "god" his ancestors followed, the text tells us

"Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory...." (Daniel 11:39)

The word that is used in the King James Version of the Scriptures for strange is seeking to impart the idea the Beast will follow a foreign god. Most prophecy teachers would say it is thought this "foreign" deity would be from one of the nations that surrounded the Old Testament Israelites - e.g. Moloch, Dagon, Baal, etc.

However, there is an interesting play on words in that Strong's Concordance tells us the word "strange" means "a foreigner, heathendom: - alien, strange." (Strong's word number 5236).  Although the word "alien" only began to be used to describe an extraterrestrial presence in relatively recent times, we should not preclude the possibility the LORD has embedded that meaning in Daniel's ancient account in a way that would be revealed in our time.

Remember, the Holy Spirit is still working in the hearts and minds of true remnant Christians to communicate His truth in His own way. Thus, God may very well be telling us, through the prophet Daniel, the Antichrist will embrace a form of modern science blended with an extraterrestrial spirituality in order to put forth his version of the nature of God and his creation.

Unfortunately, because of the 2 dimensional comic-book style characterizations of the Antichrist that are usually offered by the blind guides in the apostate corporate churches, most people have an unrealistic expectation concerning the prophetic persona of the Beast.  The sad truth is, the Left Behind cult has propagated the supernatural version of the Antichrist as a 30 something Euro-Beast with a treaty in one hand, and blueprint for a new Jewish temple in the other. This imagery doesn't even remotely resemble what the Scriptures are actually telling us.

The Science Of The Solar System

The fact is, this "god of forces" spoken of in the prophecies is a synthesis of science and spirituality based on a more complex understanding of the nature of the universe than man has previously possessed. Like so many other areas of Luciferian deceptions, there is always a grain of truth involved.

To put it another way, the fact that ungodly scientific men are learning the universe consists of incredibly vibrant and pulsating energies and powers does not mean the data is faulty, it means their conclusion that God is this energy is deficient.  The book of Romans actually predicts this erroneous worldview. Romans tells us that man

"...changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature [read creation] more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever." (Romans 1:25)

The word used for "creature" is identical to the word used for creation, so this text simply states that man has placed the creation in the position of the LORD - thus, he has historically enshrined all sorts of aberrational religious elements into his worship. For example, the Hindus venerated the cow, while the Egyptians held the beetle in high regard, etc. However, the statement here in Romans also applies to the angelic host of heaven. In Colossians, the Apostle Paul anticipated the return of the fallen angels to a position of honour when he wrote

"Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels...." (Colossians 2:18).

The prophecy in Daniel subtly tells us these fallen angels will be part of the final Antichrist configuration when the "god of forces" comes to pre-eminence. Many know the word for "god" is "elohim" and is commonly used in a plural sense as well as singular. Thus, Daniel's reference can be seen as referring to the "gods of forces," or even "the energy gods." The plural application of "elohim" ("god" in the KJV) is even confirmed in the Scriptures, for after mentioning the strange religion described herein, in the very same verse, Daniel writes

"...and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain." (Daniel 11:39)

This is yet another powerful indicator that angels will be directly interacting with the nations of the world at some point in the near future. While this may occur as fallen ones masquerading as extraterrestrials, or even inter-dimensional beings that have been here all along, they will "explain" how "god" is actually just a force or universal energy in the universe. But the Scriptures say otherwise, for we have been forewarned in the Word of God that this is the final lie in the strong delusion of the end times - and a key indicator that the tribulation, and the return of Jesus Christ is near, even at the door.

March 10 2006 - James Lloyd

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