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Insanity From The Liberal Lieft As House Hearings On Radical Islam Begin

he house hearings chaired by Representative Peter King , who has been the object of protests and extensive scorn from "peace loving" Moslems, have stirred up an astonishing series of statements from leftists, and liberal Jewish Antichrists in America.

In a positively ridiculously biased statement, liberal left Jewish Supremacist Mark Potok of the racist Southern Poverty Law Center recently put forth the audacious idea (on CNN) that radical Islam is not the primary terrorist threat in America, for he flatly stated it is the "radical right."

Few believers recognize how deeply the SPLC has influenced policy, even working on an advisory council set up by You Tube to censor what they consider to be "hate" videos. In truth, the liberal leftist group, dominated by Jews, never misses an opportunity to smear Christians -- to the degree the SPLC's leadership ignores tens of thousands of Islamic terror deaths around the world, and claims the conservatives in America are the biggest threat.

Potok is not alone, for this week, fellow Jewish Supremacist Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein, when asked about Islamic extremism, instead pointed the finger at "young Christians!" In an interview, on MSNBC last Monday, the subject of the Moslem murderer Nidal Hasan, who shot unarmed and defenseless fellow military officers in the name of Allah, came up. Klein quickly brushed that aside, and instead pointed to Christians, and then somehow connected his disjointed prejudice against believers in Jesus Christ to "school shootings!"

The bias in all of this is unbelievable.

Christian Media and GEO recognizes the Spiritual undercurrents of the political agenda in the rising chorus of resentment against Islam. Furthermore, we regularly seek to carefully and calmly respond, in a Christ-like fashion, to the sometimes hysterical Anti Semitism seen in conservative circles.

However, the Jewish element in seeking to impede the rising recognition of the Islamic threat is the proverbial 800 pound gorilla in the room. A careful analysis of the situation might indicate the liberals are deeply concerned about what they consider to be a "witch hunt," and fear they will be next.

Indeed, on a regular basis, they even shoot their own in this ongoing war of words. For instance, the SPLC recently named Joseph Farah of World Net Daily fame as one of the "hateful" individuals and groups they believe they're mandated to keep an eye on. This move demonstrates the liberal Jewish mindset truly does not understand the world in which they live, for Farah openly believes the Jews are the "chosen people," which would seem to preclude his involvement in Anti Semitic thought. Ah, but there is that "Christian" thing going on with Farah....

We would submit the answer is not to manipulate their media in order to strike their perceived enemies behind the cloak of anti-hate, nor to seek to demonize followers of Christ to take the spotlight off Jihadism. There is no easy solution to the problem of how to grapple with a religious movement that has clearly been infiltrated by zealots willing to kill anyone in their way -- but to pretend there is not a problem is hardly an answer.

Worse yet, anecdotal evidence exists that Islamic theorists fully understand democratic liberalism, and have learned how to manipulate its vulnerabilities to their own advantage.

For more on how the world is already committed to the inexorable march to Armageddon, see the video on THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT.

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