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The Height Of Hypocrisy

s I write these words, US Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton is repeating the demand that Syria's Bashir Assad resign. Claiming he is ruling illegitimately, the Obama mouthpiece continues to exhibit to the world the incomprehensible hypocrisy found in the American political double mind.

In case a reminder is needed, Barack Obama is a criminal usurper who was ineligible to even run for office, let alone hold it long enough to see re-election. After countless legal challenges, he presented a copy of a birth certificate which multiple experts have confidently stated is forged. Three years into the controversy, no one has yet been allowed to see the alleged original document.

He has ruled by illegal Presidential directives which are clearly in violation of our founding document, the Constitution of the United States. He has taken an oath to defend that document, yet works tirelessly to destroy it. His college transcripts are forged as he never attended the University at which he's claimed he was an honour student. He was elected Senator in Illinois, when his rival was abruptly and mysteriously removed from the race through a murky scandal  leaving Obama unopposed.

He was accused of drug abuse and homosexual behavior by a homosexual political figure whose saw associates, who were aware of the facts, brutally murdered. Running for office, Barack Obama promised military withdrawals from foreign wars, and as soon as he obtained power, he escalated them. His widely rejected health plan has sought to force Americans to engage in commercial contracts  a fundamentally illegal practice in a free republic.

He has sought to provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, as a way to register them as voters who would then support his re-election  a practice that is commonly referred to as bribery. His Moslem orientation, in a time of vicious "holy war" conducted by religionists from that faith, continually resurfaces, even though he has falsely claimed to have had a Christian conversion  and the surrounding Spirituality of that supposed religious belief, administered by a black supremacist pastor named Jeremiah Wright, is racist at its roots.

Barack Obama has followed a traitorous course of action, in which he has debased the American monetary system, in what amounts to an intentional effort to destroy the US economy. This tactic was outlined by Communist professors whom Obama is known to have studied.

When an independent credit reporting agency with impeccable credentials (Standard and Poors) reluctantly downgraded the credit worthiness of the nation because this criminal has devastated the US economy, his government launched an investigation into the firm.

In addition to criminal and illegal abuse of process via political persecutions of those who have taken a stand against Barack Obama's vile character, the legal authorities appointed by this man have been implicated in smuggling military grade weapons to murderous drug gangs on our borders, and the insanity of such a program has infected multiple police agencies.

All along the way, even after 3 years in office, this usurper has blamed his predecessor for his own all encompassing ineptitude.

Now, in the midst of the most criminal administration in the history of the United States, this abomination has the audacity to tell multiple foreign leaders they are ruling in an illegitimate fashion. The title describes the woeful state of America, as we wallow in The Height Of Hypocrisy.

Barack Hussein Obama is the focus of a television program linking him to a prophesied villain known as the Idol Shepherd. For more, see the online video at THE IDOL SHEPHERD.

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