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Super Congress Follows Lead Of The Little Horn

Centrist Concept For Super 12 To Run USA
Has Already Occurred In Israel 

ith the present financial crisis functioning as prologue, the recent Dialectic occurring between the two political parties has quietly floated the idea of a new form of consensus government. Dubbed a Super Congress, the idea is a committee of 12, comprised of key party members from both Republicans and Democrats, would be given extraordinary authority to streamline the political processes which are now in virtual gridlock.

The Super Congress codifies what already exists: a smaller group of powerful Senate and Congressional leaders who disproportionately influence the larger bodies. After approving of new measures, it's being floated the new political body would forward legislative proposals more expediently and the various bills would face a simple yes or no vote, with no amendments allowed, from the larger legislative bodies.

The primary justification for what is essentially a commission approach (read politburo), has been presented as a response to the financial crisis still swallowing the nation; however, the approach could be used for any issues deemed important enough for the Super Congress to address. Such a plan is clearly well outside the authority of the US Constitution, but that little obstacle has never stopped the criminal cabal that has seized our nation in the past, and it's unlikely to stop them now.

Predictably, opposition to the proposal was not on the grounds that it's illegal, unconstitutional, and completely subverts the foundation of the nation. Instead, resistance to the plan was split from both sides of the aisle, as liberals were worried the commission would cut benefits to Social Security and/or Medicare, while conservatives thought it would be used as a back door approach to raising taxes.

At GEO (the political wing of Christian Media), we would not be surprised to see this program eventually enacted, but the final form of the so-called "Super Congress" will likely be reduced to 10 members, who would be vested with extraordinary king-like powers. In short, this is probably the beginning of yet another one of many manifestations of the "ten kings shall rise" prophecy.

Thus far, we've not seen any political or prophecy leaders point out how the proposed form of consensus via commission follows the lead of Israel's political transitions some years ago, and its unlikely we will see much public comparison. It should be self evident that few political figures want the public to know how the Israeli tail is wagging the American dog -- or the little horn is rising on the head of the Beast in order to direct his path, but that's precisely what is occurring. On the religious side of the equation, the stupid dogs who call themselves prophecy teachers are equally bereft of vision as, blinded by their Jewish Supremacist perspective, "seeing they see not" Israel's obvious role in world affairs.

For the record, some years ago, the Israeli government, boasting of their alleged role as the only democracy in the Middle East (read Socialist tyranny), continually failed to produce majority governments in multiple elections. Because of this divided mind, the Tel Aviv crowd known as the Knesset was compelled to form multiple successive coalition governments. As a reward for joining such coalitions, these double minded men rewarded various members of their rival liberal, conservative, and religious parties with powerful (and lucrative) cabinet posts, and the practice continues to this day.

Eventually, the process became so cumbersome, the two main parties of Labor (read liberal leftist) and Likud (read conservative right) joined together in a new consensus group called Kadima. This is the absolute epitome of the process known as the Dialectic -- that which we see in Scripture as Dragonspeak. This is seen in Spiritual power underneath the Hegelian Dialectic, wherein thesis (Antichrist) collides with antithesis (The False Prophet) to produce the synthesis (the Dragon).

Those who have eyes to see the man behind the curtain, recognize he's not a man at all. To the great chagrin of the single-source scapegoaters, who tell us all evil is in Israel (or the Vatican, Babylon, the Illuminati, et al) the real enemy is

"The dragon which gave power unto the Beast....For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of the world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." (Revelation 13:4, Ephesians 6:12)

The methods used by that dragon are out in the open for all to see, and we are not ignorant of the devices of evil. The Dialectic (also known as Dragonspeak) is the key to identifying the source of the power. Every thinking individual who loves truth, should study this subject urgently, as it is the primary manifestation of the power of the Devil in these perilous times.

An informative and revealing look at the process of the Dialectic is found in a DVD produced by this ministry. For more, see the short online video clip found at DECEIT AND THE DIALECTIC.

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