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Egypt In Disarray

iolent protests are out of control in Cairo Egypt, with demonstrators demanding the ouster of the country's longtime autocratic president Hosni Mubarak. The tension increased today when Mohammed El Baradei, a former top official at the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog agency and a high-profile Mubarak opponent, who had returned to Cairo in a bid to provide a leader for the movement, was placed under house arrest.

The unrest in the Arab world's most populous country -- a longtime U.S. ally -- comes on the heels of similar protests earlier this month in Tunisia, which toppled the government there. Today marks a pivotal moment in the anti-Mubarak demonstrations, with the government shutting down the Internet and cell phone service in the country and cracking down on social-media access among demonstrators communicating with the outside world.

Early reports say Egyptian military movements are currently underway, and Mubarak has also imposed a curfew from 6 PM until 7 AM in Cairo in two other cities. The most recent news says there have already been hundreds of people injured in the chaos. 

Christian Media has followed the Arab unrest for months, and the recent Tunisian revolution clearly has most Arab governments deeply concerned. The political turmoil, at least in Egypt, is an outgrowth of Islamism as much as it is discontent at conditions in the nation, such as a difficult economy, high unemployment, significant corruption, and a lack of human rights.

Editors Note: Egypt is in turmoil, but the Mubarak government is experienced at putting down populist movements, with a history of heavy handed suppression. After Tunisia, the Arab governments warned the US to stay out of Arabic nation's internal affairs, meaning `don't lecture us on human rights when you are torturing people in Gitmo.' All indications are that Mubarak will crush the uprising.

As financial markets are being rocked by the turmoil, and oil and gold are soaring, it's possible the world's financial nervouce system could send shock waves right back to Egypt. If conditions do deteriorate, and Egypt starts to descend into anarchy, El Baradei, who is friendly to the Northern power (NATO, North American Union, Northern Command, UN, etc) is positioned to be the "new boss" -- i.e. meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

In a worst case scenario, and it looked as though the Islamic Brotherhood was ascending in Egypt, the lid could blow on the confrontation now developing between Israel and the triad of Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. Those aware of the supernatural dimension understand the Little Horn power, sitting on the head of the American Beast, has intentionally planned to execute a dramatic eradication of the Islamic trio in a desperate plan to shock the Arab world into rethinking their militancy towards Jerusalem.

Think it through. If the person you're following in an offensive charge is violently vaporized, you might stop to consider your position before running forward. So it is with the three "horns" of power now encircling the home of the future world government. 

As Egypt has continued good relations with Tel Aviv for decades after the Camp David Accords with Anwar Sadat (Mubarak's predecessor), if it looks as though the nation will fall to an aggressive strain of Islam, the Beast will be forced to accelerate his plan to deal with the Iranian Axis.

For more on how the alignment of powers will flag just when the Middle Eastern holocaust will begin, see the short video on American Magog.

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