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FBI Releases Classified Memo Claimed As Proof Of ET At Roswell Crash

UFO Enthusiasts Exhilarated That FBI Memo Released From "The Vault" Is Conclusive Proof Of Extraterrestrial Presence

ajor media is reporting the online release of a memo, previously classified by the FBI, that appears to prove that alien bodies were recovered in the famed Roswell New Mexico crash in 1947.

Part of a treasure trove of secretive documents, the FBI released thousands of files to a new online resource known as The Vault.

The Roswell memo in question, was addressed to Guy Hottel, a high ranking FBI official, and it is dated 1950 -- 3 years after the alleged crash.

The memo, bearing the subject line "Flying Saucers," indicates there was more than one craft involved. The FBI agent reveals that an Air Force investigator claimed three flying saucers were recovered in the incident.

Although the FBI memo redacted the agent's identity, it is being taken seriously. Another interesting aspect is it claimed that 3 extraterrestrials were recivered frin each the 3 craft mentioned in the written communication. Further, each of the "alien" bodies was said to be "approximately 3 feet tall."

Editor's Note: The Roswell sighting has been widely documented, including the well documented presence of the so called Majestic 12 -- the dozen key officials assigned to deal with the incident. Although many Christian observers now believe that angels, both good and bad, could very well arrive in high technology craft, the truth of the Spiritual nature of the kingdom of God, and the "fallen ones" (the Nephilim described in the book of Genesis),  precludes such notions.

The Scriptures plainly state the angels are "ministering spirits" (Hebrews 1:14), so the angelic host in service to the Kingdom of God are not flying about the universe in metallic silver suits. Conversely, the Scriptures warn that massively deceptive "signs and lying wonders" (II Thessalonians 2:9) are to be expected from the dark powers in the rebel coalition of angels seeking to follow their own will, as opposed tp those servants of the most high who are committed to doing the will of the Father in heaven (Mark 3:35).

We note, for example, the mystical numerology embedded in the "memo." 3 craft with 3 aliens in each craft, in a memo written 3 years after the event, detailing 3 foot tall humanoids, etc. Thus, the nine alleged "extraterrestrials" addressed in the document just happens to fit the sacred number seen in all sorts of occultic lore, including ancient Babylonian numerology. 

Christian Media and GEO have long forecast an extraterrestrial component in the tumultuous political and military events accompanying the end of the age. For more, see the short video on WHERE ANGELS DARE TO TREAD.

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