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Libyan Takeover Tells A Secret Story

hen the so called "Arab Spring" began to unfold, and several nations experienced significant political turmoil, the fact that it spread to Libya took many by surprise. Although the American null and void populace, spoon fed the daily propaganda diet they think is news, figured it was logical for all the Arab states to implode, the Libyan situation is different.

I remember over 20 years ago, as I grew more and more intense in my studies of Bible prophecy (which naturally included the Arab-Israeli conflict), I began to study a bit on Qaddaffi. While I'm hardly an expert, I certainly know more about him than the average believer.

What struck me from the outset was the fact that none of the Western intelligence agencies saw Qaddaffi coming. They all knew then King Idris of Libya was about fall, and they had half a dozen scenarios and candidates who they were watching  with an eye on how the State Department would respond to whichever faction emerged in power. Colonel Qaddaffi, and a group of young military officers was not on that list when they seized power in a bloodless coup in September 1969.

In addition to Qaddaffi's new power base in Libya, another Surrogate was about to emerge through the formation of OAPEC  The Organzation Of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries. Although the trade agreements related to the explosive Middle Eastern petro wealth were just underway as Qaddaffi came to power, with Libya as a founding member of OAPEC, cloaked under the broader identity of OPEC (The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, which includes non-Arab members), Qaddaffi and two others, the Al-Sabah family, and the Saudi royal clan, reserved to themselves the primary veto power.

Similar to the permanent members of the UN Security Council, the trio of kings constructed a core group, comprised exclusively of Arab potentates, who could control the outer shell known as OPEC. Because OPEC had members as diverse as Nigeria and Venezuela, it's likely the OAPEC effort sought to mask the Arab control of the oil.

The Surrogacy worked for awhile, but failed miserably in 1973/74 when the Egyptian-Israeli Yom Kippur war exploded, and Sheikh Yamani of Arabia became the face of OPEC on Western TV screens. The American gas guzzling public was treated to lines around gas stations which were a block long, as we were only allowed to purchase gas on alternate days.

At the time (1973), we were told we were running out of oil. This writer was driving a big gas guzzling Cadillac V8, and I remember laughing when a man wiser than I tried to tell me it was purely political, and we weren't even close to running out of gas.

I was, however, waking up to Bible Prophecy in those days, and when the 10 kings of OAPEC (all located in what would eventually be deemed the developing geo-political South), led by the militant Colonel Qaddaffi, decided to curtail fuel allocations to the Northern powers of America and Europe ( in support of the Egyptian attack on Israel launched by Anwar Sadat of Egypt), I began to pay more attention to the story behind the story.

When Qaddaffi took over, he was enormously popular, and for good reason. Declaring the oil wealth of Libya a gift which belonged to every native son, he bought a house for every Libyan citizen. The Libyan's were not allowed to own two houses, for he did not want them to become landlords, accumulating passive wealth from someone else's labour.

Moammar Qaddaffi gave every citizen free medical care. Significantly, Qaddaffi arranged for the Libyans to buy gasoline for their cars at the rock bottom price of 17 cents a gallon, when the rest of the world was paying an exponentially higher amount.

He emerged as an Arab everyman, as he traveled and lived in a tent, preferred the Arab cuisine of dates (which are a staple of the local Bedouin diet), even as he eschewed the Armani suits and ties of leading Arab politicians, instead choosing to wear the robes of an true oriental.

The obvious question is, how did we get from there, to the man who is now despised and hunted, and presented to the world at large as the international villain du jour?

A revealing statistic has recently emerged. In Tripoli, in the so called "Arab Spring," a period filled with murder, mayhem, and vicious violence, there were an estimated well armed 2,500 rebel fighters. Qaddaffi's loyalist troops are said to total 5,000, and there are an estimated 1.5 million people in Tripoli.

Yet this is being sold to Northern citizens as a "popular uprising."

As previously stated, back in the 1970's, OAPEC was relatively quiet in terms of militancy and, maneuvering between the still potent Soviet Union and America, boldly sought to support the Arab attack on Israel led by Egypt  an invasion which was accompanied by multiple armies (including Syrian) who engaged in the ill-fated 21 day Yom Kippur war.

Although Qaddaffi was not a highly visible belligerent in the Petro financed Islamic quest to remove the "Jewish infidel" from the Middle Eastern landscape,  he was clearly willing to lead from behind the scenes, lending Libyan troop support, oil money, and organizational skills to the failed effort.

Even though the Arab expedition was destroyed in a humiliating fashion, and the third Egyptian army faced annihilation at the hands of David's ability to deliver a knockout punch, were it not for the Kissinger intervention demanding Tel Aviv let them go, Israel might well be occupying Cairo today.

Through it all, Qaddaffi maintained power. The US and Europe kept buying oil, and the Arabs retreated to lick their wounds, and plan their next scheme.

Then Qaddaffi clashed with Reagan, and a terrorist plot which killed American soldiers in a German disco was traced to Tripoli. Reagan, ever the tough guy, publicly referred to Moammar as a "tin horn dictator," and bombed Tripoli, killing the Arab king's 3 year old grandchild. Through it all, Qaddaffi continued to hold power among his nation, and neighboring Arab groups admired him for standing up to the superior American military machine.

Moammar Qaddaffi's obvious connection to the Lockerbie bombing brought an international repudiation, but the subsequent oil concessions rebuilt by BP with Tripoli, helped to engineer the hideous fraud, in which the former Libyan secret service agent, who was a key figure in the mass murder, was released on humanitarian grounds. Years after the bomber was supposed to have died, he was seen being honoured in Islamic locales.

To this day, very few are aware the oil clout of British Petroleum, fresh from murdering the Gulf of Mexico in the nightmarish spill, signed a big new oil contract with Qaddaffi  a deal which was pivotal in the Scottish magistrate's decision which released the Libyan murderer.

The Lockerbie sanctions and litigation dragged on for years, but long before the bomber was released, Qaddaffi had apparently become more pragmatic, and decided to "go with the flow," so started to play ball with the Northern power. Libya publicly agreed to reparations for the Lockerbie bombing, and paid out big money for their role in the attack which killed hundreds of civilians --- including over 100 Americans. Qaddaffi then invited in International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) officials, and made significant moves to reverse his nuclear program.

Over the last few years, he made even more dramatic moves to align Libya with the pro-Israeli, Northern coalition of NATO and North America (seen as "The King Of the North" in the prophet Daniel's astonishing 11th chapter). Records seized quite recently, as Qaddaffi's headquarters were overrun by rebel forces, indicate an ongoing Qaddaffi directed cooperation with the CIA, in detaining and interrogating Islamic militants who are fighting the North on so many fronts.

It's crucial that we remember, as previously stated, that while Qaddaffi vehemently opposed the "King of the North," he was able to retain power. Now that Qaddaffi has begun to quietly align himself with the North, we find him ousted  and turned out of power in a highly suspicious "popular" uprising  a political upheaval which would be impossible without the incessant presence of NATO bombers and tactical and strategic assistance.

In the process, we're now learning the chief combatant in the rebel forces, the man most likely to lead Libya as the rebels consolidate power, is a key Al Quaida operative.

Thus, the Northern power, which is supposedly engaged in a global war against terrorism emanating out of the geo-political South, is backing one of the top figures in the top terrorist organization, as he uproots the individual who has been helping that same Northern power against that same network of Islamic militias.

The obvious question is, what's wrong with this picture?

We note that, although these strange inconsistencies have run throughout the terms of the last four presidencies (which we have previously connected to the four horsemen of Revelation 6), the actual ouster of Qaddaffi has come in the days of the Pale Horse rider  once again, the "Pale Horse" president functioning as the Surrogate of Islam, Barack Hussein Obama.

Thus, the Surrogates are changing masks again, and in the process, we're getting a brief glimpse into the identity of the puppet master who is really pulling the strings from behind the curtain.

For more on the prophetic significance of America, and the Spiritual currents swirling about our nation, see the online video on BARACK OBAMA IN BIBLE PROPHECY.

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