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Atom Smasher Project Rumored To Have Found GOD Particle

Physics Community Leaks Memo Indicating Swiss Particle Accelerator May Have Found Elusive Goal

n what some perceive to be a hoax, or simply wishful thinking, a significant ripple just passed through the scientific community as a leaked internal note from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a 17-mile-long particle accelerator near Geneva, Switzerland, has suggested the project has some tantalizing new data in their research.

For the unlettered, several zillion dollar particle accelerators around the world, those massive high tech installations that smash atoms to try to examine their properties, are seeking to identify a key subatomic particle, which has been dubbed the "God Particle." The technical term, the Higgs Boson, is derived from researchers in the field, comprised of 3 teams, in which 6 members received awards for their work (spiritual signatures, anyone?).

Using the prevailing theoretical physics model, the scientists are looking for proof of the existence of a key subatomic particle that serves to link all things together -- hence the term the God Particle. In the present bit of pre-news, an unofficial internal memo from the huge Geneva based collider installation noted some technical data which suggested they may have found something of interest in their work.

Most agree it's much too early to tell just what has been learned, but in an expensive, long term effort such as this, the news of possible progress was greeted with cautious enthusiasm.

Editor's Note: The attempt to identify "God" as a force found at the subatomic level explaining the universe is predicted to rise to pre-eminence in the last generation of the present world age. The prophet Daniel identifies this "strange god" as the object of adoration from the mysterious King of the North found in the Old Testament.

At a time when people of faith wildly speculate about the alleged individual Antichrist, few recognize the political-military configuration defined in the prophets speaks eloquently about a world divided between North and South -- e.g. "the King of the North" versus his opposite in the South. The Northern industrial states, encompassing NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization), and the Northern Command, the North American Union, and more, clearly represents what is usually thought to be the West under the outmoded East-West paradigm left over from the Cold War era.

The South is a coalition of Islamic, Socialist, and resource rich developing states which are presently in conflict with the declining Northern power, the USA. It is the Northern King who is associated with what the Scriptures call "The god of forces," and as such, it is self evident that science will ultimately (and falsely) claim to have found the LORD in a laboratory.

For more on how this "force" god factors in to prophecy, listen to the short audio found at THE GOD OF FORCES: The Synthesis Of Science And Spirituality.

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