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Mormon False Prophet Glen Beck Adores Israel On Air

Outgoing Fox Commentator Conditioning Audience For Israeli Military Reprisal To Come

he last few days of millionaire Glen Beck's performances on the Fox Network have resembled a tent-style revival meeting, as the famous figure unabashedly promotes the supremacy of the Jewish state on every level.

Sometimes teary-eyed, sometimes exuberantly jumping up and down like a circus clown, "Professor" Beck is a sight to behold. Setting aside that fact that a conservative voice in the leftist dominated big media is indeed welcome, his blackboard lessons are not only frequently simplistic, they are skewed on a Spiritual level -- primarily when he spins his web of deceit concerning the poor, put upon "chosen people." Under his emotion driven mask, Beck is as serious as a heart attack, and he is a powerful voice in the burgeoning Israel-First Jewish Supremacist movement, a political power structure which is destined to be the seat of the forthcoming globalist Antichrist government in Jerusalem.

Unfortunately, before we see that, we must also see the devastating event which will trigger it all -- and Glen Beck is preparing his conservative constituency for the explosive war in which the Little Horn state of Israel will indeed be victorious.

GEO, which is part of the Christian Media family of ministries, has repeatedly predicted a massive move on the part of Mormonism in support of the emerging "two house" theology, which is presently working to redefine all Christian denominational structures (including Mormonism) into a latter day version of the house of Ephraim/Israel. Concomitant with that breathtaking bovine skatology, we find the Messy-antic Jewish movement seeking to bridge the gap between the corrupted form of the Gospel known as British-Israelism, and a supposed wholesale conversion of Jews to Christianity.

For decades, Christians have been taught the chosen people myth, a fraudulent system because the real chosen ones are only those who are regenerated in Christ. Dangling the theoretical conversion of "all Israel shall be saved" which caused a close affinity between the two religions, instead of the life of Christ being exported into the dead carcass of Judaism, the leaven of the Pharisees has been imported into the body of Christ.

Through this massive apostasy, religious figures such as the moronic John Hagee, representing millions of Rapture Cultists, have joined with others as disparate as the late John Paul II and the Romanist hierarchy in Rome, to form a new synthesis called Dual Covenant Theology, which links Judaism with so-called Christianity. This Frankensteinian creation even has room for all the Mormons to be "saved" --- the fact that Latter Day Saint theology  don't even remotely resemble Biblical Christianity notwithstanding.

However, this new synthetic religion is a burgeoning beast, and it is destined to rise to global pre-eminence, once the smoke clears from the modern military holocaust which is just about to be ignited.

For more on how the Mormon faith has functioned as the Sleeper Cell for Israeli Supremacism, see the video on THE MORMON CONNECTION.

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