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Middle East Mess Will Cost America Big Bucks

s US President Barack Obama took to the airwaves this week, it was carefully stated the US would be in the asked to help Egypt financially, as it is feared the struggling nation would turn to more radical Islamic funding if the US fails to continue its patronage. Meanwhile, another report states that Israel is asking Washington for funds to rebuild military defenses on several fronts to counter current Iranian moves.

Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint US Chiefs of Staff, recently reminded Israel The US has strong ties with the military rulers who took power in Cairo February 11. American advisers are in Egypt, advising the army on how to retain power.

Meanwhile, Egyptian opposition leaders are making noises indicating their belief the Camp David Accords, the first peace treaty ever signed between Israel and an Arab state, should be considered null and void. No surprise to anyone tracking such things, the statements telegraph the moves of the Muslim Brotherhood, if they come to power in Egypt. Thus, America is in the ridiculously expensive position of funding both sides to maintain the status quo.

Prophecy does not overtly point to an Egyptian involvement in the cataclysmic war involving Israel in the near term, but that is little consolation. The two actual treaties signed (Camp David and the Palestinian Oslo Accords) are pivotal in terms of prophecy, as a third and primary accord, the one which will divide Jerusalem, is hugely important.

For more on the near term war with the 3 Persian "horns" of power (Iran, Syria, And Lebanon), a war which will be shocking for its violence and devastation, see the online video Exiled On Earth: The End Of The Age In Esther, Nehemiah, And Ezra.

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