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he website is an outreach of the Christian Media ministry, and has been positioned to expose the unscriptural practices of those who have proven themselves to be enemies of the Gospel. Christian Media has other outreaches including additional Internet websites, print periodicals, a free e-mail newsletter, and much more. We maintain two other websites that provide significant information on Bible Prophecy and the End Times: and

For the broadcasting side of the Christian Media ministry there is It enables direct Internet reception of our 24 hour per day radio networks. It also provides reception of our second radio network, which is known as Studio B. There are 3 Internet radio Streams available at this site. This website also contains information about our radio hosts, and a complete online catalog of books, audio & video tapes, and other items for End Times Christians.

Radio "streaming" is a data stream that is accessed through a software program known as a "player." Our player is called Winamp, and it is available as a download free at the Christian Media Network website. Simply go the site and follow the instructions to download and install your player. Then click on the Listen Here link, and you can hear the Christian Media radio network. In the event you have any difficulty, or the technical aspects of streaming are a bit too confusing for Internet novices, Christian Media has a team of volunteers who greatly desire to help you get your computer set up to listen to our radio programming. These are simply Christians who love our ministry and want to help. If you have any technical problems, simply e-mail and he will get you in touch with a tech volunteer.

Another aspect of the broadcasting side of the Christian Media ministry, CMRI is a completely separate radio and television network dedicated to free speech. With the same Christian emphasis found at CMN, CMRI is also 24/7 on Satellite (Galaxy 11 Transponder 14 Audio 7.38), Internet (, and Shortwave radio. For a complete broadcast schedule, please go to the website at:

Our news and article website, was designed to provide information on Bible Prophecy. It also includes essays on doctrinal issues, and news items of interest. The lead story is usually a lengthy treatment of current events that are significant in the light of Bible Prophecy.

Christian Media Currents

A free e-mail newsletter, it is usually issued weekly and includes a brief essay (2-3 pages) on timely matters related to the Remnant church. Christian Media Currents is available free of charge. To be added to or mailing list for this free newsletter, e-mail

Christian Media - The Newspaper

Issued quarterly, Christian Media is a 24 page tabloid newspaper providing a lengthy analysis of significant issues that directly impact contemporary Christians. In addition to investigative reports, of the type found on this website, Christian Media focuses heavily on prophecy. We will send Christian Media to anyone making a request. E-mail your request to: or surface mail your request to Christian Media, Box 448, Jacksonville OR 97530. You may also call our voice mail, (541) 899-8888, and leave your address.

The Apocalypse Chronicles

Here you have pure Bible prophecy. The Apocalypse Chronicles is our prophecy newsletter, also issued quarterly. The Apocalypse Chronicles has carried many written prophecies - quite a few that have already been fulfilled. The Apocalypse Chronicles is also available, on request. E-mail your request to: or surface mail your request to Christian Media, Box 448, Jacksonville OR 97530. You may also call our voice mail, (541) 899-8888, and leave your address.

Sound Body

The Sound Body ministry is built around the regular CM Network program of the same name. Health and survival oriented, the radio program is host by Susan Lenox with frequent guest hostings by her sister Kristin Lenox. Sound Body also produces a bi-monthly print newletter featuring useful data concerning the enormous threats to our health. Written from an alternative health perspective, these articles could literally save your life. Sound Body also produces several health products including the Sound Body Natural Whole Food Formula, a powdered nutritional whole food product. 

The Sound Body group also distributes key items such as MSM, Coral Calcium, Powdered Protein, and various pro-biotics. We also have an extensive line of survival oriented items to prepare for the nuclear holocaust we believe is coming, and much more. To receive a sample issue of Sound Body, simply send a request to, call the main ministry number at 541/899/8888, or drop a note with your postal address to Sound Body Group, Christian Media, Box 448, Jacksonville OR 97530. 


This is a free Internet forum which which allows those who are interested in our activities to automatically receive all our email newsletters. We presently send out the Apocalypse Chronicles Communiqué (prophecy), CMRI Videogram (notes on forthcoming television), Shortwave Wars RadioWaves (Patriot/Political materials), and Sound Body Sound Bytes (health and survival issues).

Many net providers are blocking CM materials due to the Spiritual resistance to the truth that inhabits this wicked world. CMN Folks is open to anyone, and your free subscription allows you to receive notices of upcoming programs, articles, TV programs, prophecy updates, and more.
You'll need a free Yahoo account. First go to and sign up for a Yahoo account. Then send an email to You'll begin receiving CM materials shortly thereafter.

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