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Somali Pirates Encounter Russian Justice

any Americans who keep track of world events are aware that piracy has again become a serious problem in certain areas, most notably the Indian ocean. Statistics show there were 266 piracy attacks in the first 6 months of 2011, and more than half were committed by criminals based in Somalia. Although several sea faring nations are seeking to cope with the problem, a recent episode involving Russian Commandos may be the shape of things to come.

As just a bit of background might be useful, we could note that world economic conditions are the likely reason for the sharp jump in piracy; however, the fact remains that contemporary pirates are just as deadly as their swashbuckling counterparts seen so many years ago. Kidnap victims who have been ransomed have reported they were tortured by these violent criminals. Some may even remember the episode from just a few months ago in which Somalian pirates were captured -- and in the process they murdered four Americans as they were being pursued by US Naval forces in the seas around the African continent.

The irony is, the pirates were then transported to America where they are given the rights enjoyed by all citizens to have a trial, at the expense of the taxpayers. If they're convicted, because piracy is a federal crime, they'll be housed and fed at a federal prison -- usually much better than a state institution -- and they'll spend the next 25 years at a facility complete with a library, recreational facilities, and even television, all paid for by the taxes extracted from the relatives of the Americans they've murdered. 

Since the Russians are notoriously frugal, especially in the face of the current world economic meltdown which is affecting the entire world, they've developed a different approach. In a video now circulating on the Internet, we see Russian Commandos that have captured approximately 40 to 50 pirates, after they hijacked a tanker in the vicinity. The Ruskies collected quite a few assault rifles, ammunition, handguns, and more. They then put the pirates back on their vessel, and blew it up -- setting the ship and the crew on fire, and watched it burn until the detritus sank into the sea.

Here in America, at a time when our idol presidential shepherd is threatening to cut off food payments, subsistence social security for our elderly, and basic services for those who are defenseless as a way to defend his ridiculously reckless spending, we're cleverly prioritizing and making sure that murderous foreign thugs such as Somalian pirates don't have any of their rights violated.

After all, we wouldn't want to be considered callous and ruthless like those cheap Russians, would we?

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