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He Had Two Horns Like A Chrislam, And He Spake As A Dragon

The Move To Unite Christianity And Islam Fulfills The Role Of The False Prophet

merican Christians continue to react with shock and dismay when they hear that Purpose Driven Church guruRick Warren is embracing the attempt to unite Christianity with Islam, in a new movement dubbed Chrislam. However, very few of them realize their revulsion has been carefully anticipated, and the entire effort is actually designed to push them into the arms of the first beast of Revelation, which may be directly identified with Israel.

For those unfamiliar with the present phase of apostasy, even segments of the mainstream Presbyterian church have reacted favorably to a new detente between Islam and the Gospel. In a typical Dialectical response, many knowledgeable observers would note the fact the Presbyterian church recently swung their doors wide open to homosexuals, as the once potent denomination moves deeper and deeper into the secret chambers of the False Prophet.

The so-called "Emerging Church" movement is up to blasphemous eyeballs with this latest iniquity, as leaders such as the long time apostate Tony Campolo and Brian McLaren have both joined in the current tidal wave seeking to sweep away the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A barely noticed undercurrent in Chrislam is the non-Dispensational bent of the 130 plus Christian leaders who have signed on to the collective statement that Muslims and Christians supposedly worship the same God. It's very revealing to accurately perceive the fact that those who are moving towards Chrislam are apostate because of reasons other than the Jewish Supremacism implicit in Dispensational (Rapture Cult to you laymen) and Messianic thought. Liberalism, a myopically jaundiced view of those displaced by the rise of the Little Horn state of Israel, and an unscriptural empathy for the religious queers they've become, are but a few characteristics of their apostasy.

Revealingly, the thread which unites the opposition to Chrislam is not the true Gospel, it is the Antichrist anchor of Jewish primacy that is implicit in the religion of the Beast whose deadly wound was healed. Thus, Chrislam is just another buoy floating on the celestial approach to the lake of fire -- the place where most so called believers are clearly headed.

As the antipathy to Chrislam increases. the emphasis will shift to a wide embrace of the Two House movement, that hideous abberration of religion that has emerged as Judaeo-Christianity. How ironic that believers will chafe at the obvious lunacy of the moon god married to the cross in Islamo-Christianity, but a much larger number will respond favorably to the lukewarm Dialectical synthesis found in Judaeo-Christianity.

Somehow, these morons have concluded that Judaism is less apostate than Islam -- and because the Jews are adept at the Dialectical premise that one perspective can be less lukewarm than another, even as Israel dangles the bait of a potential Christian conversion, the alleged disciples of Christ continue to believe the lie that "all Israel" will yet be saved. The truth is, all Israel was saved at the Cross, all Israel is saved now, and all Israel will be saved throughout eternity. The problem is one of identity, for the genuine regenerate believer IS a Spiritual Israelite, now and forevermore.

Thus, the Dialectical dualism inherent in the divided house of the Devil continues its leavenous destruction, and "Chrislam" is only designed to bring the much larger body of believers into a much deeper apostasy, as they run back into the arms of the Beast Whose Deadly Wound Was Healed in 1948.

For more on the true role of Islam in the End Times, see the short video on ISLAM AND THE ANTICHRIST.

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