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Surrogates - Part II

Ongoing False Flag Style Militias Used To Mask Origin And Intent

hey've been around for centuries, but the Surrogates being used in contemporary political and military movements are now so complex that a casual observer needs a scorecard to keep track of them.

Many don't make the connection between the concept of Surrogates, and the famous Boston Tea Party, in which a small band of colonials, attempting to evade the repercussions of their actions, dressed up as Indians and destroyed a large maritime shipment of tea, in order to damage the British interests associated with the crown.

Obviously, the English were not deceived, and fully understood it was the colonial rebels behind the act, but the masquerade did lend an air of confusion, even as it inspired a bit of camaraderie among the early Americans who, no doubt, laughed about the episode over a glass of ale.

In truth, the idea of Surrogates is essentially a subset of a political ruse, and it goes back much further than the famous Trojan Horse, which was filled with assassins, hiding inside a massive "gift."

When we move forward to more recent times, and take stock of the infinitely more complex political and religious landscape, we find the same basic idea of war by proxy; and even without the presumed goal of plausible deniability on the part of the sponsor, the practice is widespread.

Perhaps the most prolific producer of militias and cell groups in the contemporary timeline is found in the militancy inherent in Islamic factions seeking to overthrow everybody, and install their version of truth and justice into the governments of the world.

The very existence of such things belittles the base idea of `we have a better way' which exists within the ranks of those trying to replace someone else's fiefdom, but such is the case with Surrogates. In the religious venue, they are saying, in essence, we believe we are doing God's work, and we're willing to lie, cheat, betray, and kill anyone who disagrees.

In the case of Islam, the Surrogacy inherent in the proliferation of secretive front groups is not the innovation, for the use of identity obfuscation predates Mohammed by many centuries. Islam, however, radically changed the playing field by redefining the concept of "holy," for the foundational worldview does not treat the political chicanery and outright dishonesty as unrighteous behavior, but instead transforms these into admirable acts committed on behalf of their deity.

Thus, it is not surprising to find veritable mountains of violent revolutionary groups, each gripped with a particular brand of Islamiyan fervor, with virtually all of them concealing their ultimate state sponsorship, if not their true long term agenda.

Gone are the days of simple names such as the Palestine Liberation Front (PLO), for now we see Jamaat-e-Islami, Tahlighi Jamaat, Tanzeem-e-Islami, Jamiat al-Ikhwan, al-Muslimun, and literally thousands more.

The larger, more significant group names begin to sound familiar, as Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al Qaida show up so frequently, they eventually work their way into our vocabularies. It's useful to realize the first two groups, Hamas and Hezbollah, are simply fronts for Iran, whereas the latter name, Al Quaida is much more complex.

Because of the Eastern sounding names (to say nothing of their religious connotation), there is a tendency to view them as isolated to some foreign land, so far away from us they only exist on our TV sets. This is a grave error, for Hezbollah is now recruiting in Mexico, and attempting to use Mexican criminal factions who are versed in smuggling weapons and drugs, as a staging ground from which to hit the United States.

This means the Surrogates now have their own Surrogates.

For those unaware of the multi-ethnic nature of the Latin gangs working in the states, one of the most notorious is Mara Salvatrucha (called MS 13), a powerful group from El Salvador. Not dissimilar to the infamous Columbian cartel called Medellin, MS 13 contols Mexican gangs in California and at least a dozen other states, working as their Surrogates in drugs, extortion, murder, and more.

Although the Latin American syndicates are essentially profit and power driven, ideological groups, such as Hezbollah, are plying their Spiritual wares among them, in an effort to convert any and all to their "higher cause."

This means we are already seeing Latin American criminal elements, in the United States, moving towards Islamic revolutionary goals, because they have been spiritually leavened, by a Moslem group which was originally Lebanese, and funded by the Shiite branch of Islam, operating out of an Ayatollah's office in Tehran in the Persian Gulf.

As a brief aside, we note the Indo-Europeans of Iran are now building missiles, pointed North at the United States, in the South American country of fellow OPEC member Venezuela. The latter state is in collusion with Iran because of their mutual hatred for America, and their leader is arming his nation as rapidly as possible.

Meanwhile, back on the political front, there are Surrogate corporate structures, which openly function as agents of foreign governments; but in many cases, they are inexplicably able to avoid an important federal regulation which requires agents of foreign governments to register as such. It's likely this ability is due to the presence of individual Surrogates, strategically placed within our own government, who are actually working on behalf of foreign interests.

Groups such as CAIR (The Council For American Islamic Relations) is obviously an Islamist front, but critics claim they are surreptitiously supporting terrorist and militant groups such as HAMAS  indirectly linking them to the Iranian tentacles.

CAIR is a formidable power structure, for they are able to use their monetary resources to crush opposition in a legal venue. For example, World Net Daily, the Jewish Supremacist driven media entity run by evangelical Joseph Farah, is embroiled in an expensive suit, arising from their statements about CAIR.

In what is now usually called lawfare, one doesn't have to win complex litigation to destroy their opponents, all that is needed is to outspend them, and there are always plenty of attorneys willing to corrupt themselves to maintain their lifestyle.

Since Surrogates commonly mask the true source of their funding and sponsorship, and because Islamic republics are still awash in petrodollars, these are powerful entities which should not be taken lightly  regardless of who is actually behind the curtain.

Although many believe that Islam is only committed to the destruction of Israel, and America should cease our political and military meddling with Islamic states in order to appease them, the words of CAIR co-founder Omar Ahman are germane. Apparently speaking to Moslem Americans, these are his words:

"Those who stay in America should be open to society without melting, keeping Mosques open so anyone can come and learn about Islam. If you choose to live here, you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam"

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth." -- emphasis mine, taken from Anti Cair website

Finally, I note the very real fact that, here at Christian Media (GEO is an outreach of CM), we are peace loving Christians, surrounded by militant factions willing to kill anything and anybody that gets in the way of their agendas. Although it is self evident that Jewish Surrogates in America are as ubiquitous as Islamics, we would take notice of the fact that Israel does not have missiles being installed in South America pointed at us here in the United States, but Surrogates of Islam do.

For more on the prophetic significance of America, and the Spiritual currents swirling about our nation, see the online notes video on ISLAM AND THE ANTICHRIST.

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