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Successful Vaccine For Monkey AIDS Moves The Beast Closer To Mandatory Human Vaccinations

The News That An Experimental Concoction Has Worked Against The Simian Version Of HIV Will Embolden The Mad Scientists To Require Vaccination

S research showing a preventative success rate better than 50% using a new genetically modified version of the the monkey virus (SIV), is hardly good news. In case after case, it has been demonstrated the beast government has pushed universal health care as a prelude to the power to require preventative inoculations. Even now, a variety of drug stores, discount houses, and retail outlets all over the nation offer flu virus vaccinations, even as regulatory encroachment on individual's rights has soared in recent times.

Knowledgeable individuals, casting aside the propagandistic programming that permeates our society, are well aware that AIDS was engineered in America under a military contract. Indeed, early development of HIV definitely involved monkeys as well. Further, vaccines in general are widely linked to all sorts of maladies, to such an extent that GEO and the Christian Media ministry adamantly recommend against allowing any vaccinations of any kind under any circumstances. You simply cannot trust vaccines.

The search for a vaccination against HIV has been intensive, and is a fiscal bonanza for the criminal medical monstrosity that is so deeply entrenched in our corrupt world. As is usually the case, the vaccination approach involves giving the victim a form of the disease that is thought will also provide a form of immunity to the target malady. In the case of the monkey virus associated with the experimental vaccine, this particular Witch's Brew involves giving the monkeys a genetically modified form of the SIV virus.

Those in the know realize it's only a matter of time before the maniacs in charge of Asylum Earth will seek statutory authority to require such "preventative" measures because, after all, they're here to help us.

Here at Christian Media, we prefer to trust the LORD to help us. Make no mistake, the development of a vaccine for SIV or HIV is not good news.

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