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Religious Pendelum About To Swing Back To Hebrew Roots

After The Politically Ridiculous Departure From Common Sense Under Obama, The Next Phase Will Be Even Worse

here is an old philosophical adage that says History Teaches Us That Man Learns Nothing From History, and the phase that lies dead ahead is destined to reinforce that rather caustic wisecrack.

Few remember that when the collectivist insanity gripped Russia, it killed millions. However, when the little corporal in Berlin rose to power as a backlash to the Slavic slavery that settled in St Petersburg, the world was forced to respond to the response. Although the epoch to come is much larger, and has several distinctly different characteristics than the Third Reich, the forthcoming Fourth Reich has many, many similarities.

The short version is, when the world finally wakes up, it will be because there is a big bang, and that sound will be the inevitable global explosion that must occur when the clash of civilizations is fully ignited. When the smoke begins to clear, like every dialectically driven "crisis" which forces a discussion, we'll see another consensus, and then we will be compelled as a people to accept many radical, and unsavory, choices.

Of course, these are "choices" that were made on our behalf long ago, but make no mistake, the global chess game includes a huge swing to the right. At the heart of it is the theological renovation that we call the Two House Twist.

Although there is a considerable component of America which is sharply opposed to the apostate state of Israel, the Little Horn power is destined to dominate the ten king confederation that is characterized as "horns" on the head of the globalist beast that is America.

Just like pre-war Germany, the present world order is now virtually paralyzed with non-prosperity, decadence, a comatose sense of purpose, and a pervasive atmosphere of helplessness. Few fully understand when the Black Horse of the Nazis galloped onto the world stage as a reaction to the Red Horse of the Bolsheviks, it's evil rider energized his people and nation, because the militant thugs showed them a way out of the quicksand in which they were sinking.

When the inevitable violent collision between the industrialized North and the developing resource rich South occurs, millions will find their world in ruins. The Northern power (the prophet Daniel describes it as the King of the North) will be animated by the Spiritual confederation which is sparked by the union of Christianity and Judaism -- that hideous Hegelian construct known as Judaeo-Christianity.

Opposing the debt driven, IMF/World Bank-rupt steered North is the Islami-Commies seen in the "South" (Daniel's King of the South) -- an eclectic blend of leftists, Moslem Sheikhs, and commodity rich monarchies, who rather abruptly find themselves without a market.

The liberal left has always had a blind spot when it comes to the despotism of Islam, even as the Christians haven't a clue concerning the Jewish Supremacism they imported from Israel. When the present world order has completely disintegrated due to the convulsive conflict, another order will emerge, and it will not be pretty.

There are several wild cards on the table which will help shape the forthcoming transformation in ways that are difficult to see, and they include everything from ET, to the need for a universal ID. The Internet will continue to play a pivotal role, even when infrastructure is devastated.

Although the outline of the forthcoming metamorphosis is still just a bit out of focus, one thing you can count on is a reversion to our so-called roots. Get back to the basics is the rallying cry, but the only thing we'll be getting back to is the time of the ancient beast, for his deadly wound will have been completely healed.

For more on how prophecy reveals a pattern which points us towards a reversion to Old Testament elements, see the video on THE BEAST THAT WAS.

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