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he rapidly escalating fight over the American budget, and the larger issue of the massive debt being accumulated through overspending, is reaching a feverish pitch. This morning, various political figures sought media coverage over the fight between the White House and the Democrats, who wish to increase the debt limit, and the Republicans who are trying to cut the spending. The Republicans, under intense pressure from the Tea Party politicos, face ruin if they yield on their demands to reduce the spending. They are also in the position where they must not agree to raise taxes.

In a telltale fashion, the criminal usurper in the White House, one Barry Soetoro (we think that's his name, but nobody really knows) has threatened all elderly people in America by saying they may not receive their subsistence Social Security check in August if the present standoff over the debt limit is not resolved. This is the rough equivalent of Osama Bin Laden holding a woman hostage as he was allegedly surrounded by the Marines in Pakistan.

Such activity is not only widely deemed to be the behaviour of a terrorist, it smacks of complete cowardice.

The fact that Bin Laden never did such a thing notwithstanding (he was dead a decade before the high theatrics of recent times), with his threat to starve grandma next month, the criminal in power is revealing just what a slimy worm he actually is. However, Mr. Obama's suggestion of the cessation of Social Security payments was made with all diplomatic aplomb, in the subtle tongue of the Serpent, so everyone is not up in arms over the statement.

Very few citizens truly understand what is actually occurring in a general fiscal sense, and of those who do, even fewer have any grasp of the internal Spiritual forces which are in play. On one layer, those who are willing to debase the currency through escalation of debt, believe the rest of the world will eventually accommodate whatever problems emerge. In other words, if the dollar collapses, or we experiences a runaway inflation, just about every other national system (and economic structure) will be in essentially the same boat as America.

Indeed, because huge numbers of dollars are held by foreign governments, with his insane policies, the President is actually holding those cash hordes hostage as well.

Furthermore, if America's money does collapse, out of the political/economic ashes, another, more universal international order will invariably rise to dominion. However, such a development would serve to meld America into just another one of many mediocre nations, with no special distinction -- political, economic, or Spiritual. To put it another way, with the destruction of the American economic engine, we will be brought down to the level of everyone else, even as the globalist oriented nations will be elevated to meet us somewhere in the middle.

This is the classic Dialectical paradigm of colliding hot with cold to produce the synthetic center (read lukewarm as in Revelation 3:16)

In one of the most ironic developments imaginable, the Christians, who once led the world in terms of vision and clarity, now exist in a complete fantasy land with no idea concerning the world they actually live in (see Titus 1:14 for details). Conversely, the secular Patriots sense the evil, and commonly find familial or theological scapegoats, but they don't really understand just what it is they're fighting. The synthesis of the two, the Christian-Patriots, recognize the conspiratorial nature of the Spiritual plan to destabilize America, but they still have a distorted view of what is now occurring, and are inadvertently helping to to continue the downward progression.

The true dimension of the reality all around us is elucidated through the lens of the Holy Bible, but it is not utilized in any of the above perspectives. This is because it's destined to happen this way. After all, Jesus said

"broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat" (Matthew 7:13).

Because the entire world, including the so-called church, is on this "broad" way, they do not fully recognize the evil, nor do they see what will occur just around the bend of the road to perdition -- the path on which America is already fully committed.

It's revealing for us to recognize how the Beast in Washington actually came to dominion, for we've just about come full circle. Many years ago, the federal government spent vast amounts of money on the individual states in the USA, in the form of grants, infrastructure development, a multitude of construction projects, and a plethora of programs positively awash in federal funding. When the states took the funds, the Beast was then able to hold their budgets hostage. The District of Criminals threatened to cut off the federal largesse if the states didn't get in line with their objectives -- political, legal, cultural, Spiritual and more. 

Uncle Sugar then did the same thing around the world, supplying foreign despots, degenerates, and dirtbags of every stripe with all sorts of weapons, money, and political favours. When these little Hitlers took the money, the District of Criminals then threatened to cut them off if they refused to follow the Beast's dictates. In short, they held the money hostage, in order to force their globalist plans into fruition.

Now, we're nearing the end of the gravy train. The American people have been handed the bill, and they're aghast. However, because they abandoned the absolute truth somewhere along the way, they're like a ship without a rudder, and still do not fully understand just what happened to the late great USA. Through the slow leavening process of government described above, saturated in evil and compromise, they've come to the point that, although they complain and cry out about it, they will accept just about anything.

And that includes a President who is willing to hold Grandma hostage.

For more on how the intellectual witchcraft which is the Dialectic has been brought to bear on the political reshaping of the world into the New World Order of Antichrist, see the online video AMERICAN BABYLON.

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