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Good Christian Bitches?

BC Television Network Set To Assault Christian Values With New Show "Good Christian Bitches"

Walt Disney's stock is presently down as analysts say they miscalculated the audience for a recent $150 million dollar film flop, and the Disney brain trust at the parent of ABC is apparently poised to repeat their commercial stupidity with an astonishingly inflammatory new show aimed at maligning Christian women.

The evil spirits that inhabit the decidedly Jewish programmers at ABC are apparently unable to resist taking a nasty swipe at the Gospel, but it's crucial that Remnant believers not allow the wicked spirit of the age to draw us in to their infernal fate. Although vast numbers of "Christians" exhibit the syrupy "love gospel" when confronted with Jewish provocation of this nature (or even blindly deny the easily documented Jewish association with media entities such as ABC), those who have not "rejected knowledge" are well aware of the Spiritual battle which is raging on a day to day basis.

Unfortunately, the latest Spiritual aggression provides ample ammo for the so-called "Identity" crowd -- those who lay claim to being Israel based on their Western European ethnic heritage. In other words, they want to fight racism with racism. Making an accurate distinction between the Southern tribes of Judah, and the Northern tribes of Israel, such legalists would say, "You Jews can't be the chosen people, because we're the chosen people!" 

As usual, a tree is known by it's fruit. A good example of this was published yesterday. With no attribution whatsoever, wherein one of the "Anglo-Israelites" plagiarized virtually all of one of my recent articles excoriating Pakistan's brutal treatment of Christians. Using it to pitch his own website to unwary readers, every place the name "Pakistan" or "Islam" was mentioned, he substituted "Edomite Canaanites" or "Antichrist Jews." So much for Thou Shalt Not Steal.

The real story here is how the Spirit of the Age, continuing the controlled conflict known as the Dialectic, continues to create dissension and diabolical hatred between disparate factions. The pattern is seen in Revelation, where the Antichrist beast is actually in conflict with The False Prophet. Commonly thought to be in cahoots, the truth is, it is the conflict between the two that generates the infernal energy desired by the dragon -- the power that lives in between the two polarities.

The church is, of course, completely useless in practically any instance. Usually mouthing some implausible and unscriptural theology of how all the Jews will be saved after the good Christians go to heaven, they continually try to excuse bad behaviour. Indeed, the only time corporate religious "Christian" entities make a stand is for anything but Christ -- witnessChristians United For Israel, as the prime example. Too bad they're not united for Jesus. To make matters even worse, simultaneously, Islam is flailing away at all parties, continuing a brutal oppression of anything non-Moslem.

Jesus has the right answer. When two disciples choreographed an allegorical anticipation of the Dialectic by seeking permission to call fire down on a village that rejected Christ, the LORD rebuked them with the following:

"Ye know not what manner of Spirit ye are of." (Luke 9:55)

Far from a worthless passivity in the face of aggression, Christ had moments of anger when He turned over those temple tables -- to say nothing of that famous "Woe unto you Scribes, Pharisees, Hypocrites!" sermon. However, it is self evident those wicked Spirits, residing in places like ABC, want to upgrade, and it's you and I they are after. If we react with rage, the next time around, it will be us producing a nasty program, laced with invective, at our Spiritual opponents.

Jesus came to bring life, not death. We'll leave it to those who are spiritually dead to carry on the attack. In the end, we will be in glory, and they will still be spiritually dead.

For more on how the Christian church is widely failing to recognize the dynamic Spiritual forces that are encircling them through the competing worldviews of Judaism and Islam. see the short video on DOUBLE VISION.

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