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Middle East Oil Wars Spread

Iranian Oil Prices Benefit From Arab Discord

raq's biggest oil refinery at Baiji, 180 kilometers North of Baghdad, was blown up early Saturday, February 26, by a terrorist cell thought to be activated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards al Qods Brigades. Tehran is using the Middle East turbulence to generate fuel shortages in Iraq and boost oil prices worldwide.

Thursday night, February 24, saw the first signs of unrest in Saudi Arabia with demonstrations by young people demanding reforms of the kingdom's system of government, and by Shiites living and working in the kingdom's oil-rich eastern regions. They demonstrated at Awwamiya in Qatif in solidarity with the protests in Libya and Bahrain. They also demanded the release of detainees rounded up by Saudi security authorities among the two million Shiites living and working in the main oil centers of Saudi Arabia to nip potential unrest in the bud.

The slightest sign of unrest in Saudi Arabia, the world's biggest oil exporter, is bound to affect the price of oil. Iran is the biggest beneficiary of soaring prices. Day after day, as Arab capitals are beset by popular turbulence, Tehran is watching the damage caused its economy by international sanctions shrinking. In 2010, sanctions slashed Iran's oil revenue from $120 billion to $80 billion, i.e. 6.6 billion a month, whereas in February, 2011, it shot up to $10 billion as a result of Middle East unrest ...

Editor's Note: The old adage which says "follow the money" has been proven wrong in recent years, because New World Order planners are willing to throw away all the money in the world to achieve their evil agenda; however, it is undeniable there is huge friction between Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, and Tehran. Thus, it's impossible to ignore the potential financial link in these events.

When the Wikileaks file dump broke revealing conversations with the Arabian king, he was reputed to have urged Washington to bomb Tehran and, in his words, "cut off the head of the snake."

The threat to the monarchies of the Arab world posed by the zealotry of the Iranian Ayatollahs evokes imagery associated with how Revelation says the "ten kings hate the whore" -- the latter a picture of religious harlotry. Prophecy shows that once the religious rivalries have devastated vast portions of the world, the world's political powers, imaged as the ten kings (Revelation 17:12), will "burn the whore" with fire, and this will include the churches as well as the mosques and synagogues.

The resulting turmoil will invariably result in an enormously destructive clash, followed by a new globalist paradigm, based in Jerusalem, in which the world will falsely identity the previous destruction as Armageddon.

For more, see the video on The Armageddon Script.

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