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Disinformation Campaign On Japanese Radiation Release Via Conservative Patriot Source New American Magazine

Well Known Conservative Magazine Published By John Birch Society Parrots Government Propaganda

ost of the real Patriots in America (as opposed to the fauxpats presented on disinfo channels like FOX) know the government has a full blown propaganda department disseminating faulty data to deflect and control opposition, but even formerly trustworthy sources have been exposed as infected with the leaven of the Beast's lies. In prior probes, this ministry has shown that even groups such as Patriot radio network RBN (Republic Broadcasting) and the popular newspaper the American Free Press (AFP) have secretive back channels of fiscal control, in which certain data is suppressed (see AFP Distorts The Truth for details).

Now, with the May 9th issue of the New American, a usually interesting and relatively accurate periodical produced by long time conservative group the John Birch Society, another counterpoint voice has clearly been compromised. Caveat Emptor.

In the midst of an avalanche of underground data telling us the lying Japanese authorities had a complete meltdown the very first day of the crisis, huge amounts of radiation has already been released, and even the EPA has been implicated in disabling key radiation monitoring equipment on precisely the day the rads reached Western shores, the New American now tells us not to worry, there is not, and never has been, any danger.

In a story that is so slanted that it looks to have been written by a Socialist working for Obamasama's re-relection campaign, the magazine put forth the following content:

  • The radiation which was been leaked has had, and in the future will have, "no effect on human health."
  • The data suggesting that radiation found in Japanese seawater exceeding safe limits is false.
  • The background radiation in Japan is "still below the world average."
  • The citizens who don't trust the data and consumed Potassium Iodate are mocked and ridiculed
  • Radiation sickness has affected "no one in Japan."

The story is lengthy, with much data, but it is clear to anyone who has come to the knowledge of the truth of the times in which we live, that this pile of worthless baloney, you can no longer trust content from The New American.

Such an abysmal situation only serves to re-emphasize the huge importance of not allowing the wicked cabal known as government, working in lockstep with the corporate mediawhores they control via finance and interlocking directorates, the power they are still seeking over the Internet. Even with the periodic superfluous BS (read hoaxes and unconfirmed talebearing) which periodically emerges by overzealous wannabe news gathering sources on the net, the raw, and unfiltered mechanism of citizens having the freedom to access and upload material without the Beast filters, is the last hope for the free flow of information on the planet.

For more information on part of the history of efforts to control, stifle, and silence various voices within the Patriot community, see the video on the unofficial history of Patriot Radio in the trilogy of books known as SHORTWAVE WARS.

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