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The Libyans Shall Be At His Steps

With Egypt, North Africa, and Libya Militarized, Daniel 11 Is Again Underway

aving observed the prophetic Script in Daniel 11 for many years, I long ago concluded the series of events are cyclical and repetitive. Chiefly through a historical analysis of the series of conflicts between a Northern leader and the figure there dubbed as "The King of the South," it became evident this "Script" has been repeated many times over the centuries, with many manifestations of "The King of the North," in conflict with his Southern counterpart.

Daniel's 11th chapter is unique, and pivotal, for as the sequence concludes, the prophecy clearly states the tribulation is underway:

"And at that time....there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time...." (Daniel 12:1)

Centuries ago, scholars saw how the military moves during the era of the rise of the Roman Empire so closely corresponded to the descriptions in Daniel, that they concluded the book must have been written after the fact. Recognizing the parallel fulfillment of prophecy, where we see two enormous sets of kingdoms which count down to the two appearances of Jesus Christ, we see a parallel repetition of ancient events in the modern timeline.

Contrary to the so called "Revived Roman Empire" nonsense put out by the non-prophet 501c3 corporate religionists of our time, theAmerican Empire exists in parallel to the ancient Roman power. With the world now divided between the industrialized, IMF/World Bank/G8 run North, and the resource rich, Islamic/Socialist South aligned against it, the recapitulation is now occurring. Because the chapter is huge, with sweeping events that roll out over a period of time, the work resists a superficial analysis; however, several topical highlights indicate the WAR Beast (World Antichrist Religion) that accompanies the end of the age has now arrived on the world scene.

Although it's a huge subject, a few highlights of the parallels may be mentioned. For example, against the backdrop of the much larger Roman Empire, in the ancient timeline, an Egyptian princess named Berenice (the King's daughter from the "South") was diplomatically dispatched to the Syrian court (the "Northern" power), but the attempt failed to produce the desired goal:

"...for the king's daughter of the south shall come to the king of the north to make an agreement: but she shall not retain the power of the arm..." (Daniel 11:6)

The cycle occurred again some years later when the Southern princess, the famous figure Cleopatra, again sought to unite the South with the Northern power through her union with Caesar. She meets a bad end, as she does not "retain" the military power she aspired to with the effort. In the modern parallel, the daughter of the king of the South was Benazir Bhutto, and she came directly to North America, in an attempt to be re-inserted into the political/military hotbed that is the Islamic stronghold of Pakistan.

Miss Bhutto addressed the power structure in America, and then Senator Barack Obama was pivotal when she was rebuffed. Her willingness to acknowledge certain aspects of the murky plan to form world government made her the target of a Northern plot. It should be mentioned a key part of that plan is the manipulation of virtual identities, and when Bhutto violated the globalist gag order, and publicly stated Osama Bin Ladin was long dead (well before he was supposedly killed again in 2011), as the Scripture says, she was "given up, and they that brought her" (Daniel 11:6).

The two Gulf wars in Iraq are in this script, acknowledging that Bush the younger accomplishes that which his father did not (Daniel 11:24). The enormous transfer of wealth in the OPEC oil riches is mentioned in Daniel 11:28, and because the "Southern" petro-power bloc is the larger object of the Northern aggression, the prophecy would extend to multi-national oil concessions in adjacent lands -- including Libya.

Another interesting link is the naval forces deployed from the adjacent ancient port of Chittim -- which is now the NATO controlled base of Cypress (Daniel 11:30). Readers may be aware that NATO has taken the lead in the present war in Libya, which is still shrouded in intrigue. For example, there are consistent reports that Libyan military assets dispatched from NATO (that will be theNorth Atlantic alliance) are being smuggled out of Libya and into the Middle East in preparation for the forthcoming Jerusalem showdown.

We even see a hint of the imminent global debt bomb which will render all currencies worthless, as the Northern leader is said to be in a position to accumulate huge monetary resources:

"And he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver...." (Daniel 11:43)

In a financial meltdown, anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows that hard assets and commodities quickly become the medium of monetary exchange -- and gold and silver (and oil contracts) usually tops the list.

Finally, the Northern power is the dominant one in the cycle, and its leader will ultimately "divide the land for gain" (Daniel 11:39).

The trio of Egypt, North Africa (including Somalia/Ethiopia), and Libya are all mentioned together in Daniel 11, and when we realizeall three are now in the midst of regime change, in which the USA is deeply involved (that will be the USA that is in North America), astute observers know therefore and understand, the Armageddon Script has now begun.

For more on the predictive pattern of history, and how the North Vs South (yes, you can find the American Civil War in Daniel) conflict is destined to culminate in a gkibak Armageddon, see the short online video on THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT.

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