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As Germany Pulls Out, Nato Infighting Threatens Libyan Front Against Qadaffi

he European coalition of military powers engaged with Qadaffi's militia in Libya is presently falling apart, as the bankruptcy of "war by committee," also known as the Obama Doctrine, becomes evident. Barack Obama has consistently sought to achieve a consensus, as that is the Marxist operandi outlined in Das Kapital -- but experience shows "too many cooks in the kitchen" will always ruin the meal.

Faced with mounting criticism at home, Obama is seeking a quick retreat from Libyan involvement, and the Germans, previously active participants, smell a rat. What is likely is the US will redeploy, and whatever units are left engaging Qadaffi will be mired in an ongoing, expensive foreign escapade -- or Vietnam in the Sands of Tripoli.

Without a clear cut leader, the Socialist speaking Europeans, unwilling to step forward themselve, but refusing to allow any of the 28 members involved in the coalition to lead as well, are facing military gridlock. The beneficiary will be Qadaffi, who apparently knows the NATO mindset all too well.

The British, mercenary as ever, apparently want to just kill Qadaffi and get it over with, but the US is tethered to Obama's stupidity, as he obviously wishes to continue to run for President of the World via his attempts at consensus building through the vehicle of the United Nations. In such an environment, decisive action is verbotten; thus the US faces another ill-advised, expensive and protracted Middle Eastern mess.

Obama is willing to sacrifice any individual player for the "greater global good," and that certainly includes America. The pattern of prophecy suggests his policies will be responsible for the greatest disaster in the history of this country, but he will use it as a stepping-stone to reach a broader consensus on a global scale.

After the deadly wound that is presently bleeding the USA into oblivion has run its course, and the world seeks to rebuild a new order, like the iconic Phoenix of ancient occultic myth, a resurrected, revised version of the UN will emerge in Jerusalem.

With the League of Nations the first attempt, and the presently dying UN as phase two, it's likely Barack Obama will be available to run the third generation world government when it's deadly wound is healed, and it arises from the world's ashes in Jerusalem.

For more on how these prophecies will roll out, see the video on Barack Obama In Bible Prophecy.

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