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Syria Supplies Qaddafi
With Arms

Move Marks The First Arab State To Support Qaddafi

ashington commended the Arab League for approving a proposed no-fly zone over Libya, even as European powers drew up plans for saving the anti-Qaddafi movement from defeat. Meanwhile, Qaddafi loyalists have taken the last rebel stronghold West of Tripoli, strengthening the military ruler's hold over Libya. Incredibly, the foolish leaders of America and Europe are now considering into this military quagmire. 

As if on cure, Syria began sending Muammar Qaddafi fresh supplies of arms, ammunition and weapons, as well as spare parts, with which to sustain his effort to crush the recent uprising.

Observers note the Syrian and Libyan arsenals are fairly compatible, as both are dominated by Russian military products, MIGs, Sukhoi fighters and bombers, T-72 tanks, BM-21 rocket launchers, as well as both nation's armored personnel carriers and anti-air and anti-tank missiles. The Libyan-Syrian arms transaction is a landmark in the sense that it is the first time since the Arab revolts erupted in January that one Arab regime has stepped in to help another suppress an uprising.

With this move, Damascus is now in violation of last month's UN Security Council Resolution 1970, which included an arms embargo against the Qaddafi regime.

Editors Note: This development is extremely ominous on many levels, but the most significant is the fact that it plainly indicates rapidly warming ties between Libya and Syria's sponsor, Iran. Syria does not make major policy shifts without consultation with Tehran, and although Islamic groups have evidenced support for the Libyan rebels, it's likely that Tehran senses an opportunity to lure the isolated Qaddafi into its sphere of influence.

With Iran's surrogate Syria now aiding Qaddafi, Tehran is sending a message to Islamic forces opposing Libya's dictator. With Iranian control consolidating in the triad of nations which includes Syria, and Hezbollah controlledLebanon, friendly relations with Qaddafi could lead to a direct military alliance with Tehran.

What is most striking about this development is the relatively obvious fact that Libya is a key name on the list of the "Gog and Magog" powers which are scheduled to be in lethal conflict with Israel in the end times.

"I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal...Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with the latter years thou shalt come into the land...against the mountains of Israel..." (Ezekiel 38:3,5,8)

Although Christian Media and GEO have repeatedly made note of how the place/name Persia includes Iraq(presently under the control of the Northern power that is the US), and portends an American involvement in the future conflagration, the move towards the Iranian controlled axis by Libya must be seem as a significant development.

Knowledgeable observers know that political alliances can change as quickly as the weather, and what looks like an improbable list of allies can quickly become a reality. However, the key identity of Gog, Meschech, and Tubal, although thought by conventional prophecy theorists to be associated with Russia, is still a critical error.

For more on Gog and Magog, see the video on AMERICAN MAGOG.  

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