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US Military Purging Gospel, Adding Homosexuals

Transition Follows Prophetic 6,7,8, Cycle Pattern

ordon James Klingenschmitt is a former Navy chaplain who was forced out of the service in 2007 for praying in Jesus' name. He says the Obama Pentagon wants to purge evangelical, Bible-preaching chaplains from the service by giving them an ultimatum -- "reconcile" with homosexual sin, or quit. Pentagon leaders preparing to impose open homosexuality on the military are serving notice that discrimination against the deviant lifestyle will not be tolerated.

In a recently released memorandum, Defense Secretary Robert Gates directed his policy staff to move ahead carefully, but expeditiously, to end the ban on military service for open homosexuals. Officials said they will complete implementation plans for the new policy by Friday, February 4, and will commence indoctrination training this month . . . "Chaplains are now being faced with a choice: either quit the service, or reconcile with homosexual sin," he states. "Promotions and assignments are going to be controlled by whether or not chaplains reconcile with homosexual sin. It's really leading to a purge, I'm afraid." He contends that "many" conservative chaplains are going to be persecuted by the Obama administration - an administration he says is "forcing these bad policies to punish chaplains who quote the Bible outside of the Sunday chapel."

Editor's Note:

The transition from a straight, God fearing orientation in the military, to an all inclusive one which punishes those who will not assimilate deviant lifestyles is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy on many levels. In addition to the lesson of history, which shows such lack of intense discipline will result in an inferior fighting force, the pattern is profoundly prophetic.

Revelation presents what this writer calls the 6,7,8 Cycle, a formula that shows a 3-step transition from one position to another. In prophecy, its most common application is 6, representing man (man was made on the sixth day, etc), 7 representing the Spiritual component (7 is a number of completion, day rest, Sabbath, end of week, etc), and 8, which is represents a new beginning, comprised of the synthesis of the previous two.

Seen in the Hegelian Dialectic of thesis (6) versus antithesis (7) equals synthesis (8), Revelation tells us the "eighth" is the Antichrist Spirit which "goes into perdition" and it is "of the seven" (Revelation 17:11). In the above news story, the chaplains are being told they can continue as chaplains, but they must limit their references to Jesus, and must modify their stance to allow for the queers in the military. In other words, they can keep their Jesus, but they must combine their belief with the homosexual lifestyle as well. This is pure synthesis, and a road mark that America is on the road to Armageddon, with the Antichrist leading the way.

For more on the 6,7,8 Cycle, see the details concerning the book of the same name.  The 6,7,8 Cycle.

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