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The Lies Won't Die, But The People Will

n our weekly TV news broadcast, which is recorded on Sundays for airing that same week (Sunday is the first day of the week), we just carried a story in which an American researcher indicated that, although Fukushima related radiation measurements "spiked" in the month of March on the West Coast, "the levels we recorded aren't a concern for human health."

Yet, a couple of months ago, the infant mortality database which monitors statistics of unexplained baby deaths, shows a significant surge up and down the West Coast for the same period. Because these babies died abruptly, we might ask the University researcher if he had inexplicably lost a beloved child that was suspected to be related to Fukushima emitted radiation, if such a tragedy would be of "concern."

In Japan, doctors are already reporting a sharp increase in children with nosebleeds, and this is the most common symptom of radiation toxicity. It is widely known that children are the most susceptible to radiation. Indeed, those concerned about brain cancers related to cell phone activity have widely publicized the fact that younger kids are far more vulnerable, so even a media suppressed threat from radiation could be predicted to show up in infants and children. Thus, the infant death spike is very important, as it's a form of the proverbial canary in the coal mine indicator.

A physician at Funabashi Futawa Hospital has stated "we have begun to see increased nosebleeds, stubborn cases of diarrhea, and flu like symptoms in children," but that information was not widely publicized. The hospital is hundreds of miles away from Fukushima, and the media lid is already clamped down on disclosure of facts such as these.

An unnamed staffer working at Fukushima managed an unauthorized email noting there were "cracks [which] came up in the ground. Massive steam is coming up from there. It's too smoggy here. Can't see a thing. It seems like a nuclear reaction is happening underground."

Because the adults aren't dropping like flies does not mean the increased radiation has not affected them, for the exposures will eventually take its toll in soaring cancer rates. With what is already widely known about the absolute fact that government and mainstream media will always cover up the truth in order to maintain the status quo, the fact that anyone believes anything put forth by the machine is disheartening, to say the least.

Ironically, when the crisis first began, many here in the Pacific Rim were alarmed, but a few short months later, without a continual drumbeat to remind the survivalist minded, they forget that radiation remains a threat. 

Indeed, here at Christian Media (GEO is part of the Christian Media ministry), we initially scrambled to break out our supply of Potassium Iodate for thyroid protection (lower level radiation poisoning usually shows up in the thyroid first), but after a week or so, we realized we needed a longer term solution.

The answer is to shift your nutrition routine to naturally derived, high iodine content, or add a natural iodine thyroid supplement. Considering the half life of radiation, this is now a permanent reality. Although this is not what anyone wants to hear, it is the truth (remember, you told yourself you really do want the truth?), so we're doing our best to conform our thinking to that truth.

Meanwhile, it's possible the fresh water supplies deep in the Earth are already significantly contaminated. Knowing there was indeed a meltdown, a process in which a nuclear hot core can melt down through the entire planet unimpeded (remember the China Syndrome theory that a core would melt all the way to the other side of the world?), the contamination of fresh water which is consumed by hundreds of millions of people may already be a reality.

Ironically, the Japanese people, the first to experience deleterious effects, are believed to be the least iodine deficient folks on their planet (probably due to high fish consumption) so those in the West are far more vulnerable to the thyroid problems, which makes this an exponentially more dangerous threat for us than it does those in the immediate vicinity.

We have printed stories like this before, but have discerned that, once the underground media ceases to hammer the importance of a long term change in diet, with an emphasis on iodine rich foods or supplements, people simply forget about the threat and move on to other matters requiring their immediate attention.

In view of the fact that Revelation tells us the fresh water contamination in the end times (a text definitively associated with radiation) will kill may in the last generation, we renew our focus on this most important issue:

"It fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountain of waters�nd many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter" (Revelation 8:10,11).

The present work is but another attempt to remind the reader, that these facts did not simply go away, so our friends are urged to seriously consider the warning we've just re-issued. 

After researching the matter, we found the most reliable way to guarantee a source of natural iodine was to use a supplement, and we found the best to be a product called Thyadine. For details, see the online video on THYADINE.

For more study on the reality of the ecological holocaust which is already underway, we recommend the viewing of The STREAMWARS RADIATION SPECIAL.

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