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Media Tower Of Babel Misrepresents Middle Eastern Turmoil

uch criticism has been leveled against mainstream media outlets in their coverage of the present Middle Eastern political upheaval. Reminders of past misdeeds, such as NBC's faked footage when they smeared the Ford Motor Company, or FOX's more recent fraud in which they were caught red-handed manipulating a Ron Paul related story, continue to be cited.

However, not much has been said of the wholesale religious-political sludge emanating out of many of the wild-eyed illiterates laboring in the alternative, or Patriot media. Because Christian Media (and our GEO alter-ego) are seeking to persuade large numbers of people that there is indeed something rotten that has seized the reins of this world, the misinformation flowing like a septic tank pump truck is hardly helping matters.

The slant always depends on which outlet you consult. One cluster of voices will tell you the Arab turmoil is all part of the hidden plan of the Khazars -- those long extinct Eastern trans-Caucasian Asiatics who supposedly stole the identity of the Jews, and have since sought world dominion. Another camp will tell you it's all part of Obama's concealed Islamic agenda, and he's actually the Mahdi in his Indonesian/Hawaiian/Kenyan disguise. Barry Soetero's ineligibility for the presidency notwithstanding, inaccurate appraisals of the ever increasing tumult invariably creates more confusion.

I recently saw an item where the writer suggested the "good" angels may very well be at the end their celestial supply of longsuffering, and be forced to intervene against the American-Israeli greed, as we are apparently behind anything bad. Arriving in spaceships, they'll be forced to punish our impudence, and then help us get our act together.

Alphabet agencies pop up everywhere, and somehow their ubiquitous presence has manipulated hundreds of thousands of Arabs into becoming dissatisfied with their immediate rulers. The illogic is wholesale, for in saying that New World Order central planners have calculated every step, theorists are forced to ignore those same strategist's prior statements. A good example is Zbigniew Brzezinski, by all accounts one of the most "inside" of insiders -- yet he was on record as telling one of his globalist constituencies that an Arab awakening is actually a very undesirable phenomena.

With the Egyptian crisis diminishing as the American advised army is seeking to stabilize the nation, Libya and Colonel Qaddafi have become the present focus; thus, now we're hearing Tel Aviv is behind this revolt as well. The problem is, Israel watchers will tell you the Knesset has their hands full with the Iranian threat, and since Qaddafi was making no menacing moves at all towards the already surrounded state, an Israeli complicity is inconsistent with any realistic political agenda. Indeed, Israel recently went out of their way to try to diplomatically neutralize Lebanonfrom the forthcoming clash with Tehran, to no avail -- thus, their actions indicate they're trying to reduce the names on their enemy's list, not increase them.

So far, I haven't heard of anyone who says that old pretender Benedict is behind Qaddafi's woes, but perhaps the former inquisition section chief in the Vatican was worried the dependency on Tripoli's oil might hamper the supply of gasoline needed for the Popemobile. No doubt one of the morons who's been telling us the Jesuits secretly purchased the world a thousand years ago will come up with something semi-almost-plausible.

With this kind of a landscape, is it any wonder enormous numbers of people relegate the very real conspiracies of our time to the tin-foil hat crowd?

The Scriptures tell us there are indeed "conspiracies" (the word shows up 10 times), but the New Testament provides the missing link in this bewildering mess. The conspirators are not omnipotent, and we give them far too much credit. In fact, the Antichrist figure is seen as miscalculating events on a repetitive basis, so he's hardly infallible, and neither are his scheming lieutenants.

The real enemy is not this race, that nation, or even the notorious cluster of criminal banksters that have enriched themselves at every nation's expense. It's not the sects, and it's not the denominations. It's not even that sleazy trollop, the infamous whore of Babylon; and although our genuine enemy does inhabit all the above, we have no power against those externals when fighting on their turf.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high plavces." (Ephesians 6:12)

People (and even would-be reporters, including Patriot, liberal, and mainstream "conservatives") make mistakes, and commit errors in judgment, as they depend on their finite perceptives. However, that same Bible tells us the people who deceive others, are themselves deceived (II Timothy 3:13, James 1:22), so an unswerving fixation on the truth -- the unvarnished truth, without individual bias or agenda -- is absolutely critical in order to navigate through the minefield of misinformation we're confronted with in these treacherous times.

"And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie...because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved." (II Thessalonians 2:11,10)

And, in closing, I'll cite the now famous words of a semi-clever politician, one Pontius Pilate, when he queried, what is truth?

"I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life" -- Jesus Christ

For information on just where we are in the last days of this present world order, see the online article The Government Who Would Be God.

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