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Christian Families Slaughtered By Moslems Amid Egyptian Chaos

Brutal Murders By Islamic Savages Included Women And Children As Young As 3 Years Old

ews of a massacre of 11 people from two Christian Coptic families by Islamists just emerged from Upper Egypt with the return of the Internet connections after a week of Internet blackout by the Egyptian regime. The massacre took place on Jan. 30 at 3 PM in the village of Sharona near Maghagha in Minya province. Two Islamists groups, aided by the Christian's Muslim neighbors, descended on the roof of houses owned by Copts, killing 11 Copts, including women and children, and seriously injuring four others.

Bishop Anba Agathon of Maghagha told Coptic activist Dr. Mona Roman in a televised interview on Al-Karma TVthat the killers are their neighbors, who seized the opportunity of the mayhem prevailing in Egypt, and the absence of police protection, to slaughter the Copts. He said he visited on Sunday the four injured Copts, who escaped death despite being shot, at Maghagha General Hospital and they told him that they recognized the main attackers as they come from the same village of Sharona. They gave the bishop details of what happened.

"The two families were staying in their homes with their doors locked when suddenly the Islamists descended on them," said Bishop Agathon, "killing 11 and leaving for dead four other family members. In addition, they looted everything that was in the two Coptic houses, including money, furniture and electrical equipment. They also looted livestock and grain."

According to the bishop the first group was led by Islamist Ibrahim Hamdy Ibrahim, who was joined by a gang of masked assailants. They accessed the roof of the house of Copt Joseph Waheeb Massoud through the roof of his Muslim neighbor Mahgoub El-Khawaled. The armed men killed Joseph, his wife Samah, his 15-year old daughter Christine and 8-year-old son Fady Youssef.

Another Islamist group led by Yasser Essam Khaled and several masked men simultaneously accessed the house of Copt Saleeb Ayad Mayez through the roof of his Muslim neighbor Mohamad Hussein El-Khawaed. The Islamist shot dead Saleeb, his wife Zakia, his 4-year-old son Joseph, 3-year-old daughter Justina, his 23-year-old sister Amgad, mother Zakia, and Ms. Saniora Fahim.

As the majority of Islamics in the nation of Egypt continue to demand "democracy" (at this writing, Mubarak is seeking to transition the nation to the next stage in the ancient state's development), the brand of "democracy" which is being manifested in the important Arab country is clearly non inclusive of the rights of non-Moslems to follow God in their own way. Everyone knows a power vacuum never lasts very long; thus, with the vacuum created with the fall of the totalitarian Mubarak, we will likely see more Islam inspired evil butchery manifested throughout the world.

Christians around the world would be advised to actually listen to the advice of Jesus Christ, as found in the Gospel of Luke:

"Then he said unto them....he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one." (Luke 22:36)

For more on the prophesied rise of Islam in the end times, see The Islamic Antichrist.

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