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An American Fraud

n the midst of the incessant bad news that engulfs this nation virtually every day, I'm finding what is sometimes called a "silver lining," and it has arrived rather unexpectedly. The surprise beneficial component to an otherwise bleak series of ongoing events, is that elusive phenomena known as understanding.

Perhaps this demonstrable increase in perceptions about monetary matters is due to a degree of Spiritual maturity after studying the Scriptures for some 40 years. It's also likely related to the fact that I've been listening everyday to one of our network shows on that very subject, as I work the sound board on Jim Cedarstrom's Money Talks show on GEO (MT is all about gold and silver and, with 25 years on the air, Cedarstrom really knows his stuff).

Couple that with the fact that I have a lifetime of work in media, and I find myself rejoicing in the fact that things are really coming into focus concerning just what the world's dirtbags are doing to us  thus, I can't resist writing about the latest example of what has occurred in the realm of money and media.

Last week, alternative media (such as the above Money Talks show), as well as some of the more specialized media properties which emphasize finance and politics, waved a red flag over the German judicial decision which was scheduled to be adjudicated on September 7th. In this very intriguing episode, it seems that a faction in Germany was pressing the issue of the Eurozone bailout of the nation of Greece.

At issue was the constitutionality of the bailout, but underneath the legal challenge was the fact that Germany has a relatively healthy economy, and it is the strongest in Europe. Thus, if the German leaders ultimately conclude that Greece (and soon it will be Spain) is simply unable to get their financial house in order (Greece is still spending 125% of their gross domestic product every year), it is a certainty that eventually, even the wealthier states will not be able to stop the economic meltdown.

Further, many Germans are asking themselves if they really should be punished financially for the stupidity seen in their neighbor's unrealistic spending. Indeed, logic dictates that such redistribution of economic vitality will ultimately drag Germany down with the others when the much vaunted Euro finally sinks into complete insolvency.

However, the story here is the story behind the story.

In the days leading up to the court's decision (issued on September 7th), all mainstream media virtually ignored the forthcoming epic decision. The occasional statement that stocks were responding to "worries about European debt" is so vague, that it practically dismisses the how and why of the matter.

Fox Business Network (FBN -- the Fox in the henhouse financial arm) briefly covered it, and certainly fellow Murdoch outlet the Wall Street Journal mentioned it in print (how many of you actually read the Wall Street Journal?), but in the big media watched by John Q Public (e.g.  Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, etc) the subject was about as well covered as a Ron Paul policy briefing on the criminal cabal in charge of the Federal Reserve  in other words, zip.

However, last Wednesday, after the court miraculously went against the common language in all national constitutions (including Germany's), and issued a decision which allows the industrious people of Germany to subsidize Socialist stupidity in neighboring countries, the mainstream media jumped all over it. The stock market responded with a modest bump (the Dow Jones spike a bit under 200 points), and gold plummeted around a hundred bucks an ounce.

Of course, in the following days, stocks sank again, and metals resumed their upward march  and another news cycle had manipulated the minds of men, and we didn't have a hangover from all the euphoria, so hardly anyone recognizes what just occurred.

The lesson is, it is self evident there is a concerted media effort to downplay, mask, diminish, or otherwise cover up any forthcoming event that could prove pivotal in the inevitable fiscal disaster we face. However, if we step back a bit, we can recognize the signs are all there  you just need to know how to find and read them.

A corollary of the present tale is how gold and silver has been steadily building up to regular new highs, and this is because people with money usually look for ways to keep it. Thus, folks with some dough will actually search for the data (as opposed to being satisfied with the spoon fed propaganda), and the vague news item "European debt worries" just won't get it.

The reality is, the entire world banking system is hanging by a thread now, and only needs one key bank failure, one key default, or one key court decision, and the dominos will be unleashed. That fuse will be lit, and it is right around the corner.

It is self evident that even after the much ballyhooed Obama jobs plan was vomited onto TV screens everywhere (predictably, the lethal Barachnid will put the bite on us to spend more money we don't have in another boondoggle destined to fail), the market dropped precipitously the morning after. In short, Obama rightfully makes people with money more nervous than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, and the huge run up in metals is a fundamental indicator of that basic fact.

Thus, the so called 5th Estates, that bastion of light and freedom historically called the media, has become a willing participant in the global fraud that is the Paper-Mache Mammon Machine. Fortunately, in the words of the X files television teaser, the truth is out there. You just have to look for it.

For more on the prophetic significance of America, and the Spiritual currents swirling about our nation, see the online video on BARACK OBAMA IN BIBLE PROPHECY.

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